Blackberry Smoke Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Blackberry Smoke Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Good One Comin' On
2 Up In Smoke
3 I'd Be Lyin
4 Restless
5 Bottom Of This
6 Like I Am
7 The Only Thing She Left Behind
8 Sleeping Dogs (Live)
9 Good One Coming On (Live)
10 Too High
11 Son of the Bourbon
12 Ain’t Gonna Wait
13 Muscadine (live)
14 Livin' Hell
15 Payback's a Bitch (Live)
16 Lay It All On Me
17 Wish In One Hand
18 Everybody Knows She's Mine
19 Workin’ for a Workin’ Man
20 Freeborn Man (live)
21 Livin' Hell (Dirty Version)
22 Up the Road (Live)
23 No Way Back To Eden
24 Ain't Much Left of Me (Radio Edit)
25 One Horse Town
26 Ain't Gonna Wait
27 Everybody Knows She's Mine
28 Son of the Bourbon
29 Shake Your Magnolia (Live)
30 Fire In the Hole
31 Pretty Little Lie (Radio Edit)
32 Lesson in a Bottle
33 Sunrise in Texas
34 One Horse Town
35 Lesson in a Bottle
36 Ain't Got the Blues (Live)
37 Shakin' Hands With The Holy Ghost
38 Ain't Much Left Of Me
39 Believe You Me
40 The Whippoorwill
41 Scare the Devil Outta You (Live)
42 Lucky Seven (Live)
43 Sanctified Woman
44 Leave A Scar
45 Too High (Acoustic)
46 Six Ways to Sunday
47 Scare the Devil Outta You (Bonus Track)
48 Restless (Live)
49 Testify
50 Sleeping Dogs
51 Living In the Song (Acoustic)
52 Pretty Little Lie
53 Train Rollin
54 Sanctified Woman
55 Up in Smoke (Live)
56 Good One Comin' On
57 Payback's a Bitch
58 Woman In the Moon (Acoustic)
59 Ain't Much Left of Me
60 Payback’s a Bitch
61 Who Invented The Wheel
62 Crimson Moon (Live)
63 Six Ways To Sunday
64 Randolph County Farewell
65 Lay It All On Me (Acoustic)
66 Lucky Seven
67 Payback's a Bitch
68 The Whippoorwill (Live)
69 Ain't Got The Blues
70 Waiting for the Thunder
71 Let Me Help You (Find the Door) [Acoustic]
72 Leave a Scar
73 Son of Bourbon (Live)
74 Prayer For The Little Man
75 Sanctified Woman (Live)
76 Lucky Seven
77 Let It Burn
78 Country Side of Life (Bonus Track)
79 Crimson Moon
80 Ain't Got the Blues
81 Everybody Knows She's Mine (Live)
82 Let Me Help You (Find the Door)
83 Pretty Little Lie
84 The Good Life
85 Pretty Little Lie (Live) (Bonus Track)
86 Sleeping Dogs
87 One Horse Town (Live)
88 Shake Your Magnolia
89 Holding All the Roses
90 Restless
91 What Comes Naturally
92 Six Ways to Sunday (Live) (Bonus Track)
93 Shakin' Hands With the Holy Ghost
94 Lesson in a Bottle (Live)
95 Freedom Song
96 Living In the Song
97 Up in Smoke
98 Running Through Time
99 Pretty Little Lie (Radio Edit) (Bonus Track)
100 Up the Road
101 Ain't Much Left of Me (Live)
102 Testify (Live)
103 Rock and Roll Again
104 Crimson Moon
105 Like an Arrow
106 Ain't Much Left of Me (Radio Edit) (Bonus Track)
107 Keep On Keepin' On
108 Leave a Scar (Live)
109 Shakin' Hands with the Holy Ghost (Live)
110 Woman In the Moon
111 The Whippoorwill
112 Ought to Know
113 Nothin' for You

Blackberry Smoke Bio

Blackberry Smoke is an American Southern rock/country rock band from Atlanta, Georgia, United States. The lineup consists of Charlie Starr (lead vocals, guitar), Richard Turner (bass, vocals), Brit Turner (drums), Paul Jackson (guitar, vocals), and Brandon Still (keyboards).

They have performed throughout the United States both as headliner and as the supporting act for artists such as Zac Brown Band, Eric Church, ZZ Top and Lynyrd Skynyrd. On August 26, 2012, they performed at a charity benefit called the Boot Ride with the cast of Sons of Anarchy, partnered with The Boot Campaign at the Happy Ending Bar and Grill in Hollywood, California. They performed 20+ dates with Zac Brown Band nationwide in the summer of 2011. Their album Little Piece of Dixie has been featured by Paste magazine and other publications.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blackberry_Smoke