Bigod 20 Lyrics

Genre: Electronic

Bigod 20 Lyrics - by Popularity

1 The Bog
2 Breeders
3 It Doesn't Matter
4 On The Run
5 The Big Bang
6 Wild At Heart
7 One
8 Lazy
9 Sick
10 America
11 Kreusch
12 The Big Sleep

Bigod 20 Bio

Bigod 20 was a German EBM/Techno band which was formed in 1988 by music producers Andreas Tomalla (aka Talla 2XLC and formerly of the band Moskwa TV) and Markus Nikolai (aka Jallokin).

In the late 1980s, Talla and Jallokin formed the band Pluuto under Talla's own Technodrome Records (TDI Records) label. At the time, Talla was also involved in the production of several other projects such as Robotiko Rejekto, Tribantura, and Microchip League.