Big Star Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Big Star Lyrics - by Popularity

1 I Am The Cosmos
2 Blue Moon
3 Watch the Sunrise
4 September Gurls
5 Thank You Friends
6 Try Again
7 You And Your Sister (Country Version)
8 I got kinda lost
9 I'm In Love With a Girl
10 Don't Lie To Me
11 Kangaroo
12 Morpha Too
13 Give Me Another Chance
14 My Life Is Right
15 O, Dana
16 Stroke It Noel
17 When My Baby's Beside Me
18 The Letter
19 Dream Lover
20 Back of a Car
21 Holocaust
22 Life Is White
23 Jesus Christ
24 Feel
25 O My Soul
26 Nature Boy
27 Make A Scene
28 She's A Mover
29 There Was A Light
30 The Ballad of El Goodo
31 Though I know she lies
32 The India Song
33 Big Black Car
34 Till the End of the Day
35 The Ballad Of El Goodo (Alternate Mix, 1972)
36 When My Baby's Beside Me
37 Patty Girl
38 You Can't Have Me
39 Feel (Alternate Mix, 1972)
40 I Am The Cosmos
41 Slut
42 Baby Strange
43 Downs
44 Slut
45 Don’t Lie To Me (Alternate Mix, 1972)
46 Way Out West
47 Lady Sweet
48 Way Out West (Alternate Mix, 1973)
49 Till The End Of The Day
50 Better Save Yourself
51 Femme Fatale
52 Motel Blues
53 Thirteen (Alternate Mix, 1972)
54 The Ballad Of El Goodo
55 Fight At The Table
56 Daisy Glaze
57 For You
58 Psychedelic Stuff
59 You Get What You Deserve (Alternate Mix, 1973)
60 Back Of A Car
61 Get Away
62 All I See Is You
63 Holocaust (Rough Mix, 1974)
64 Fire
65 Slut [Live]
66 Kanga Roo (Rough Mix, 1974)
67 Daisy Glaze
68 I Don't Know
69 Mod Lang
70 Lovely Day
71 Stroke It Noel (Backward Intro, 1974)
72 Jesus Christ
73 Kizza Me
74 Gone With The Light
75 Big Black Car (Rough Mix, 1974)
76 For You
77 Look up
78 O My Soul (Demo, 1973)
79 Better Save Yourself (Movie Mix, 2012)
80 In the Street
81 Baby Strange
82 Nightime
83 Give Me Another Chance (Control Room Monitor Mix, 1972)
84 I Am The Cosmos (Movie Mix, 2012)
85 Feel
86 Speed of sound
87 In The Street (Movie Mix, 2012)
88 When My Baby’s Beside Me (Alternate Mix, 1972)
89 All We Ever Got From Them Was Pain (Movie Mix, 2012)
90 St 100/6
91 September Gurls
92 Way Out West
93 Studio Banter (1972)
94 September Gurls (Movie Mix, 2012)
95 Big Black Car
96 What's Going Ahn
97 Take Care
98 Try Again (Movie Mix, 2012)
99 In The Street
100 Thank You Friends
101 You And Your Sister
102 You Get What You Deserve
103 My Life Is Right (Alternate Mix, 1972)
104 Don't Lie To Me
105 Thirteen
106 The Girl from Ipanema
107 You And Your Sister (acoustic Version)

Big Star Bio

Big Star was an American power pop band formed in Memphis, Tennessee, in 1971 by Alex Chilton, Chris Bell, Jody Stephens, and Andy Hummel. The group broke up in 1974, and reorganized with a new line-up nearly 20 years later. In its first era, the band's musical style drew on the vocal harmonies of the Beatles, as well as the swaggering rhythms of the Rolling Stones and the jangling guitars of the Byrds. To the resulting power pop, Big Star added dark, existential themes, and produced a style that foreshadowed the alternative rock of the 1980s and 1990s. Before it broke up, Big Star created a "seminal body of work that never stopped inspiring succeeding generations" in the words of Rolling Stone, as the "quintessential American power pop band" and "one of the most mythic and influential cult acts in all of rock & roll".

Big Star's first album—1972's #1 Record—was met by enthusiastic reviews, but ineffective marketing by Stax Records and limited distribution stunted its commercial success. Frustration took its toll on band relations: Bell left not long after the first record's commercial progress stalled, and Hummel left to finish his college education after a second album, Radio City, was completed in December 1973.

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