Big Smo Lyrics

Big Smo Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Small Town
2 Grass Roots (feat. Twang)
3 Life Goes On (Feat Dawn Freeman)
4 S. to the M.O.
5 Anything Goes (feat. Alexander King)
6 American Made (feat. CB3)
7 Wanna Shuck (feat. Jolie Bell)
8 Tennessee (Feat Phill-a-mill)
9 Shine' N Gliss
10 Bringin' It Home
11 Boss Of Tha Stix (feat. Mr. Sneed)
12 Turn Your Back (feat. Jayme Pearl)
13 Feel This
14 Dedication
15 Rebel Road
16 Nutha Round (skit)
17 Outro
18 Intro
19 Lawdy Lawdy
20 Rednecks Got It Right (feat. Haden Carpenter)
21 Kickin It In Tennessee
22 Ghetto Christmas (Feat Orig)
23 Bout It, Bout It
24 My Place (feat. Darius Rucker)
25 Meet Me In The Mud
26 Kuntry Boys (feat. Lil Wyte & JellyRoll)
27 Shake It (Feat Nitty Da Hitman & 6-5)
28 Lost Soul
29 Redneck Rich
30 Kuntry Folk
31 Buckin On Em (feat. Mr Sneed & Relapse)
32 Click Clack
33 We Wylin' Tonight
34 Who I'll Be
35 You Can't Hide
36 It's On
37 Hard Lesson
38 Respect My Gangsta
39 Got Me
40 Wyle Out
41 Fly Away (feat. MJ & TD)
42 My Life
43 Know ME
44 Ain't Nothin' Free
45 Win or Die
46 C.W.G. (feat. Haystak)
47 Fantasy Gurl (Feat Jr)
48 Let Me Break It Down
49 I'm So Kuntry
50 Story
51 Can't Do It Like Us (feat. Relapse)
52 How We Get Down (Feat Orig)
54 Cover My Eyes (feat. Haden Carpenter)
55 Burnin' Money
56 Muzik Reborn (feat. Izzy White)
57 True South Pimp
58 Married to the Hustle
59 Down In The Backwoods
60 Quittin Time (intro)
61 Last Call (outro)
62 Papers and Wraps (Feat Orig & Ghost)
63 I Am the King!
64 Come On (feat. Frankie Ballard)
65 Honky Tonkin
66 Boss of the Stix
67 Get That Money (Feat Phill-a-mill & Syco-l)
68 I Keep It Gully
69 Workin' (feat. Alexander King)
70 Old Dirt Road (feat. CB3)
71 Kick Mud
72 Battle of the Fittest
73 Hip Hop
74 Bumpy Road
75 My Life In A Jar (feat. CB3)
76 Drive Fast
77 Family
78 I Do This
79 Hick Ross

Big Smo Bio

In 2002 Big Smo self released his first album, “Kuntry Kitchen” named after the historical county store located on “The Kuntry Ranch” a 32 acre farm complete with heads of cattle and openpastures backed by fish filled ponds and the gorgeous Tennessee mountains. The album received rave reviews and Big Smo was on his way to becoming a local independent force. A few years later he released his sophomore album, “The True South”, a crossover album that blends his street experience with his backwood southern roots.