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Big Bang are a British electronic synthpop duo that came to prominence in the late 1980s. The band consists of Laurence Malice (founder of Trade nightclub) and Iain Williams (writer). Based in London, the duo were signed to Swanyard Records and spearheaded the music genre known as Big Beat.

Laurence and Iain had previously been in a band together called You You You along with the vocalist Karen O'Connor and backing vocalist Alice Shaw. You You You gave their first concert at a secret location in Charing Cross Road in early January, 1987. So secret was the venue, members of the band have since forgotten what it was called. The show was arranged as an unannounced warm-up gig before their debut at the Camden Palace on 13 January. The band billed their first series of concerts as ‘Stage 1’ of their ‘World Domination’ Tour and enlisted the help of illustrator Mark Wardel to design their publicity. Their appearance at Camden Palace attracted over 1,000 people on what the Met Office recorded as probably being England's coldest night of the 20th Century.

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