Between The Buried And Me Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Between The Buried And Me Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Swim To The Moon
2 Fossil Genera - A Feed From Cloud Mountain
3 Bloom (Live)
4 Rapid Calm
5 Silent Flight Parliament
6 Use of a Weapon
7 Us and Them
8 Mirrors
9 Astral Body (Live)
10 Memory Palace
11 Foam Born (A) the Backtrack
12 Shevanel Cut a Flip
13 Forced March
14 Obfuscation
15 Lay Your Ghosts to Rest (Live)
16 Option Oblivion
17 (B) the Decade of Statues
18 Colorblind
19 Territory
20 Disease, Injury, Madness
21 Extremophile Elite (Live)
22 Life in Velvet
23 Lost Perfection: a) Coulrophobia
24 All Bodies
25 Change
26 Lunar Wilderness
27 Parallax (Live)
28 Geek U.S.A.
29 Lost Perfection: b) Anablephobia
30 Alaska
31 Malpractice
32 Specular Reflection
33 Desert Of Song
34 The Black Box (Live)
35 Geek Usa
36 Camilla Rhodes
37 Croakies and Boatshoes
38 Little 15
39 Augment of Rebirth
40 Telos (Live)
41 Telos
42 Mordecai
43 Selkies: The Endless Obsession
44 Cemetery Gates
45 Mordecai (live)
46 B) Anablephobia
47 Goodbye to Everything (Live)
48 Goodbye to Everything (Reprise)
49 Reaction
50 Roboturner
51 What Have We Become
52 Shevanel Cut a Flip (live)
53 Shevanel Take 2
54 Goodbye to Everything Reprise (Live)
55 Goodbye to Everything
56 Ad a Dglgmut
57 Backwards Marathon
58 The Use of a Weapon
59 Backwards Marathon (live)
60 Autumn
61 Foam Born: (B) The Decade of Statues
62 Astral Body
63 Destructo Spin
64 The Primer
65 Prequel to the Sequel
66 Ad a Dglgmut (live)
67 Node
68 The Coma Machine
69 Lay Your Ghosts to Rest
70 Aesthetic
71 Autodidact
72 White Walls
73 Selkiess: The Endless Obsession (live)
74 Dim Ignition
75 Extremophile Elite
76 The Need for Repetition
77 Blackened
78 Informal Gluttony
79 Mordecai (Music video)
80 Famine Wolf
81 Parallax
82 More of Myself to Kill
83 Kickstart My Heart
84 Sun of Nothing
85 Alaska (Music video)
86 Obfuscation (Music video)
87 King Redeem / Queen Serene
88 The Black Box
89 Aspirations
90 The Day I Tried to Live
91 Ants of the Sky
92 Silent Flight Parliament (Live)
93 Turn on the Darkness
94 Bloom
95 What We Have Become
96 Bicycle Race
97 Arsonist
98 Melting City (Live)
99 The Ectopic Stroll
100 Melting City
101 Naked By the Computer
102 Three of a Perfect Pair
103 Fire for a Dry Mouth

Between The Buried And Me Bio

Between the Buried and Me is an American progressive metal band from Raleigh, North Carolina. They have released a total of seven studio albums, as well as an EP, a cover album, and two live DVD/CDs. Their first album was released through Life Force records, and after that the majority of the group's releases were made through Victory Records. They shifted to Metal Blade in 2011, and released their first EP, The Parallax: Hypersleep Dialogues, through the label on April 12, 2011. Their seventh studio album, Coma Ecliptic, was released on July 10, 2015.

Founded in early 2000 in Raleigh, North Carolina after the demise of the Metalcore band Prayer for Cleansing, Tommy Rogers (vocals) and Paul Waggoner (guitar) formed a new band to continue PFC's legacy of intensity. They picked up Nick Fletcher on guitar, Jason King on bass (both formerly in NC's Azazel) and Will Goodyear on drums to complete their lineup. This band would soon be called Between The Buried And Me, after a section of lyrics in the Counting Crows song, "Ghost Train;" "Took the cannonball down to the ocean/Across the desert from the sea to shining sea/I rode a ladder that climbed across the nation/Fifty million feet of earth between the buried and me.

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