Bessie Smith Lyrics

Genre: Blues

Bessie Smith Albums

Bessie Smith Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Backwater Blues
2 Mama's Got The Blues
3 Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out
4 Down Hearted Blues
5 Jail-House Blues
6 Standin' in the Rain Blues
7 Down In The Dumps
8 Lou'siana Low-Down Blues
9 Mountain Top Blues
10 Bleeding Hearted Blues
11 Sing Sing Prison Blues
12 Gimme a Pigfoot
13 Send Me to the 'Lectric Chair
14 Outside Of That
15 Downhearted Blues
16 Dirty No-Gooder's Blues
17 If You Don't, I Know Who Will
18 I've Got What It Takes, But It Breaks My Heart To Give It Away
19 Need a Little Sugar in My Bowl
20 Yellow Dog Blues
21 After You've Gone
22 See If I'll Care
23 Devil's Gonna Git You
24 Nobody Knows When You're Down and Out
25 Thinking Blues
26 Don't Cry Baby
27 Take Me for a Buggy Ride
28 Rocking Chair Blues
29 Lost Your Head Blues
30 New Gulf Coast Blues
31 Graveyard Dream Blues
32 Reckless Blues
33 Kitchen Man
34 Yodling Blues
35 My Sweetie Went Away
36 My Sweetie Went Away (She Didn't Say Where, When or Why)
37 Any Woman's Blues
38 Yes Indeed He Do!
39 Golden Rule Blues
40 I've Got What It Takes
41 Lady Luck Blues
42 Careless Love Blues (Alternate Take)
43 Oh Daddy Blues
44 What's the Matter Now?
45 Baby Doll
46 Aggravatin Papa
47 Keeps On A-Rainin' (Papa, He Can't Make No Time)
48 Keep It to Yourself
49 Boweavil Blues
50 Beale Street Mama
51 Dixie Flyer Blues
52 You've Got to Give Me Some
53 I Used To Be Your Sweet Mama
54 Young Woman's Blues
55 St. Louis Blues
56 I Want Every Bit Of It
57 Shipwreck Blues
58 Poor Man's Blues
59 It Won't Be You
60 Muddy Water (A Mississippi Moan)
61 Nobody In Town Can Bake A Sweet Jelly Roll Like Mine
62 Blue Spirit Blues
63 Please Help Me Get Him Out Of My Mind
64 St. Louis Gal
65 Mistreating Daddy
66 Worn Out Papa Blues
67 A Good Man Is Hard to Find
68 Pickpocket Blues
69 Sorrowful Blues
70 Careless Love
71 Chicago Bound Blues