Benediction Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Benediction Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Magnificat
2 They Must Die Screaming
3 Cold Deathless Unrepentant
4 Negative Growth
5 Electric Eye
6 Foetus Noose
7 Certified
8 Dripping With Disgust
9 The Grand Leveller
10 Jumping at Shadows
11 Denial
12 Wrath And Regret
13 Forged In Fire
14 Return to the Eve
15 Born in a Fever
16 Down On Whores
17 As Her Skin Weeps
18 Diary Of A Killer (Fuck Them All)
19 I
20 Child of Sin
21 Down On Whores (Leave Them All For Dead)
22 Don't Look In The Mirror
23 Suicide Rebellion
24 Grand Leveller , Senile Dementia
25 Griefgiver
26 Immaculate Facade
27 Shadow World
28 Nothing On The Inside
29 Graveworm
30 Burying The Hatchet
31 Face Without Soul
32 Temple Of Set
33 Opulence of the Absolute
34 Path Of The Serpent
35 Beg You Dogs
36 Nervebomb
37 The Graveyard Earth
38 Undirected Aggression
39 Saneless
40 Seeing Through My Eyes
41 Suffering Feeds Me
42 We, The Freed
43 Vision in the Shroud
44 Saneless Theory
45 Largactyl
46 Blood From Stone
47 We Are The League
48 Artefacted Irreligion
49 Soulstream
50 Intro
51 Carcinoma Angel
52 The Wrong Side Of The Grave
53 Divine Ultimatium
54 Eternal Eclipse
55 The Dreams You Dread
56 Immaculate Facade
57 Unfound Mortality
58 Grizzled Finale
59 Where Flies Are Born
60 Beg, You Dog
61 I Am The Disease
62 Intro - Portal To Your Phobias
63 The Grey Man
64 Betrayer
65 Violation Domain
66 Spit Forth The Dead
67 Controlopolis Rats In The Mask
68 They Bleed
69 Suspended Animation
70 Dark Is The Season
71 Subconscious Terror
72 Killing Music
73 Deadfall
74 Confess All Goodness
75 Experimental Stage
76 Answer To Me
77 Senile Dementia

Benediction Bio

Benediction is a British death metal band from Birmingham, England. They were formed in February 1989.

The Birmingham-based death metal band Benediction were formed in February 1989 by Paul Adams (bass), Peter Rew (guitar), Darren Brookes (guitar), and Mark "Barney" Greenway (vocals). With the demo The Dreams You Dread, released in the same year, they drew the interest of Nuclear Blast Records, resulting in a record deal. Their first album, Subconscious Terror, was released in 1990, followed by the departure of Barney, who joined Napalm Death. The debut was received well and a new singer, Dave Ingram, was found soon. In an extensive touring schedule 1991 saw the band toured with Bolt Thrower and Nocturnus.

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