Bell X1 Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Bell X1 Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Breastfed
2 A Better Band
3 Volcano
4 Next to You
5 The Ribs Of A Broken Umbrella
6 One Stringed Harp
7 Feint Praise
8 Velcro ((Live at Vicar Street, Dublin))
9 Hey Anna Lena
10 Flame ((Live at Divan Du Monde, Paris))
11 Face
12 Bigger Than Me
13 Heartlands - Today FM Live Recording
14 Pinball Machine
15 Pinball Machine (Schuba's, Chicago)
16 Motorcades
17 West of Her Spine ((Live at the Empire, Belfast))
18 Nightwatchmen
19 A Thousand Little Downers
20 Offshore
21 Reacharound
22 Eve, The Apple of my Eye
23 The Great Defector
24 Light Catches Your Face (the Ark, Ann Arbor)
25 Drive-by Summer
26 Snakes & Snakes ((Live at Acoustic Room At the Inec, Killarney))
27 Sugar High
28 The Great Defector ((Live at Vicar Street, Dublin))
29 Slowset
30 West of Her Spine
31 Tongue
32 How Your Heart Is Wired
33 Velcro (Vicar Street, Dublin)
34 West of Her Spine (the Empire, Belfast)
35 I Will Follow You
36 Bad Skin Day ((Live at Leeuwenbergh Kerk, Utrecht))
37 Built To Last
38 Just Like Mr Benn
39 Monkey 61
40 Flame
41 White Water Song
42 Built to Last (Swedish American Hall, San Francisco)
43 Amsterdam Says ((Live at Amstel Kerk, Amsterdam))
44 In Every Sunflower ((Live at Town Hall Theatre, Galway))
45 4 Minute Mile
46 Amsterdam Says
47 Flame (Chicken Lips mix)
48 My First Born for a Song
49 Ten Paces
50 Alphabet Soup (the Pavilion, Cork)
51 I'll See Your Heart and I'll Raise You Mine / Going Back ((Live at De Barras, Clonakilty))
52 4 Minute Mil
53 Safer Than Love
54 The Trailing Skirts of Love
55 Snakes and Snakes
56 Heartlands
57 I'll See Your Heart And I'll Raise You Mine
58 U in the Stars
59 Man On Mir
60 Next to You (Zanzibar, Louisville)
61 The Ribs of a Broken Umbrella ((Live at Bush Hall, London))
62 The Trailing Skirts of God
63 Haloumi
64 Velcro
65 Still Selling Shoes
66 Flame (Solid Groove mix)
67 Rocky Took A Lover - NapsterLive Session
68 Daybreak
69 How Your Heart Is Wired (Gruner Salon, Berlin)
70 How Your Heart Is Wired ((Live at Gruner Salon, Berlin))
71 Tongue (Uncensored Edit)
72 74 Swans
73 In Every Sunflower
74 Little Sister
75 Whitewater Song
76 Flame - NapsterLive Session
77 Flame - Live
78 Just Like Mr Benn (Hotel Cafe, Los Angeles)
79 Just Like Mr Benn ((Live at Hotel Cafe, Los Angeles))
80 I'll See Your Heart and I'll Raise You Mine (Live in Paris)
81 Snakes & Snakes
82 Deep
83 Trampoline
84 Enjoy The Silence - NapsterLive Session
85 Natalie
86 Sugar High (Brattle Theatre, Boston)
87 Sugar High ((Live at Brattle Theatre, Boston))
88 Tongue (2003 Re-Recording)
89 Blow Ins
90 I'll See Your Heart & I'll Raise You Mine
91 Beautiful Madness
92 Rocky Took a Lover
93 Careful What You Wish For - Acoustic Version
94 Rocky Took a Lover (Le Poisson Rouge, New York)
95 Rocky Took a Lover ((Live at Le Poisson Rouge, New York))
96 Next to You (Acoustic)
97 Amelia
98 Bound for Boston Hill
99 The Money
100 Bad Skin Day
101 The End Is Nigh
102 Eve, the Apple of My Eye (Drake Hotel, Toronto)
103 Eve, the Apple of My Eye ((Live at Drake Hotel, Toronto))
104 Flame (Live at the RDS Dublin)
105 Like I Love You
106 Godsong
107 He Said She Said
108 In Every Sunflower (Town Hall Theatre, Galway)
109 The Ribs of a Broken Umbrella (Bush Hall, London)
110 Diorama
111 Enjoy the Silence
112 Like I Love You / Slow
113 Next to You ((Live at Zanzibar, Louisville))
114 Blue Rinse Baby
115 Snakes & Snakes (Acoustic Room At the Inec, Killarney)
116 Amsterdam Says (Amstel Kerk, Amsterdam)
117 Alphabet Soup ((Live at the Pavilion, Cork))
118 Slowset ((Live at Vicar Street, Dublin))
119 Light Catches Your Face
120 I'll See Your Heart & Raise You Mine
121 Going Back
122 Lamposts
123 Bad Skin Day (Leeuwenbergh Kerk, Utrecht)
124 Slowset (Vicar Street, Dublin)
125 Built to Last ((Live at Swedish American Hall, San Francisco))
126 Pinball Machine ((Live at Schuba's, Chicago))
127 Eve, The Apple of My Eye (Single Version)
128 Like I Love You / Slow - Today FM Live Recording
129 Alphabet Soup
130 The Great Defector (Vicar Street, Dublin)
131 Starlings over Brighton Pier
132 Light Catches Your Face ((Live at the Ark, Ann Arbor))
133 Careful What You Wish For
134 The Curtains Are Twitchin'
135 Flame (radio edit)
136 She's a Mystery to Me (Live at Today FM)
137 I'll See Your Heart & I'll Raise You Mine (live)
138 Flame (Divan Du Monde, Paris)

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