Belinda Carlisle Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Belinda Carlisle Lyrics - by Popularity

1 I Need A Disguise
2 I Wouldnt Be Here If I Didnt Love You
3 Live Your Life Be Free
4 I Get Weak
5 A Woman And A Man
6 Kneel At Your Feet
7 La Luna
8 Circle in the Sand
9 Shades of Michaelangelo
10 California ()
11 World Without You
12 Tell Me
13 My Heart Goes Out to You
14 Leave a Light On
15 Mad About You
16 Love Doesn't Live Here
17 Summer Rain
18 Heaven Is a Place On Earth
19 (We Want) The Same Thing
20 Little Black Book
21 Lay Down Your Arms
22 We Can Change
23 One With You
24 All God's Children
25 Jealous Guy
26 Gotta Get to You
27 From The Heart
28 I Feel the Magic
29 Remember September
30 Live Your Live Be Free
31 Listen To Love
32 The Air You Breathe
33 World Without You (7″ Remix)
34 Runaway Horses
35 Big Scary Animal
36 La Luna (7″)
37 Fool For Love
38 Shot In The Dark
39 Christmas Lullaby
40 Vision of You (91 Remix)
41 Vision of You
42 Since You've Gone
43 Valentine
44 I See No Ships
45 Goodbye Just Go
46 I Feel Free
47 Emotional Highway
48 Stuff And Nonsense
49 Don't Cry
50 Leave A Light On For Me
51 We Got The Beat
52 I Plead Insanity
53 Goodbye Day
54 Whatever It Takes
55 Only A Dream
56 The Same Thing
57 Our Lips Are Sealed
58 Love Never Dies
59 Here Comes My Baby
60 Waiting For A Star To Fall
61 Nobody Owns Me
62 Loneliness Game
63 It's Too Real (Big Scary Animal)
64 Watcha Doin' To Me?
65 Ballad Of Lucy Jordan
66 Should I Let You In?
67 Love Revolution
68 Viver
69 Leave a Light On (7″)
70 World Of Love
71 I Get Weak (7″ Mix)
72 He Goes On
73 You Came Out Of Nowhere
74 I Touch Myself
75 Runaway Horses (Single Edit)
76 In Too Deep
77 Do You Feel Like I Feel?
78 You're Nothing Without Me
79 Too Much Water
80 Live Your Life To Be Free
81 Sun
82 Always Breaking My Heart
83 Where Love Hides
84 Amiga Soledad
85 Circle In the Sand (7″ Mix)
86 Half the World
87 Band Of Gold
88 Windows Of The World
89 Ni Freud Ni Tu Mamá
90 Live Your Life Be Free (Single Edit)
91 Love In The Key Of C
92 Wrap My Arms
93 A Prayer For Everyone
94 Summer Rain (Single Remix)
95 I Never Wanted A Rich Man
96 Deep Deep Ocean
97 The Windows Of The World
98 Do You Feel Like I Feel (Single Edit)

Belinda Carlisle Bio

Belinda Jo Carlisle (born August 17, 1958) is a Grammy Award-nominated American singer. Carlisle gained worldwide fame as the lead vocalist of The Go-Go's, who made history by becoming the first all-female music group that wrote their own songs and played their own instruments to top the Billboard charts, and is considered by some to be the most successful all-female band of all time. With them she sold more than seven million albums, and after leaving the band in 1985 went on to a solo career that spawned hits such as "Heaven Is a Place on Earth", which topped the charts internationally including in the United States and United Kingdom.

Carlisle was born in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, to parents Harold and Joanne. Harold was a contractor, and Joanne raised the children at home. Belinda was the first of seven children, with three brothers (Butch, Joe and Josh) and three sisters (Hope, Mary and Sarah). Her father left home when Belinda was five years old. Her mother later remarried, but Carlisle was not close to her step father. She grew up in Thousand Oaks, California, at school she became a cheerleader. She graduated from Newbury Park High School. At the age of 19, she left home with the confidence that one day she would be a star.