Bebo Norman Lyrics

Genre: Christian

Bebo Norman Lyrics - by Popularity

1 The Only Hope
2 Ruins (Where I Am Saved)
3 Can't Live Without You
4 Nothing Without You
5 I Will Lift My Eyes
6 Cover Me
7 Britney
8 Remember Me
9 One Bright Hour
10 Rita
11 A Page Is Turned
12 O Come, O Come, Emmanuel
13 Drifting
14 Holy Is Your Name
15 A Million Raindrops
16 Walk Down This Mountain
17 Break Me Through
18 Sing of Your Glory
19 Picture of Things
20 Try
21 The Middle
22 Stand
23 Tip of My Heart
24 Collide
25 Bring Me To Life
26 I'm Not Living In The In Between
27 Big Blue Sky
28 Here Goes
29 Where the Angels Sleep
30 Standing In Your Silence
31 Wine from Water
32 Time Takes Its Toll On Us
33 You Surround Me
34 We Fall Apart
35 Could You Ever Look At Me
36 Where the Trees Stand Still
37 Where You Are
38 Outside Her Window Was the World
39 To Find My Way To You
40 Our Mystery
41 Everything I Hoped You'd Be
42 I'm Alright
43 Christmas Time Is Here
44 Just a Glimpse
45 Somewhere past the quiet
46 Beautiful You
47 God Of My Everything
48 Everything
49 My Eyes Have Seen Holy
50 Go With You
51 My Love
52 Falling Down
53 I Hope You See Jesus
54 Under The Sun
55 Deeper Still
56 Other Side of Day
57 Ocean
58 So Afraid
59 I Am
60 Yes I Will
61 Underneath
62 Remember Us
63 In Your Hands
64 How You Love Me
65 Nothing Without You (Alternate Verision)
66 Great Light of the World
67 I Hope You See Us
68 Long Way Home
69 Where I Am Saved
70 Hear It From Me
71 Never Saw You Coming
72 The Man Inside
73 Sons and Daughters
74 Just to Look at You
75 Silver Bells
76 Pull Me Out
77 Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
78 Disappear
79 Holy, Holy, Holy Lord
80 Soldier
81 Mary's Prayer
82 At the End of Me
83 Sunday
84 Back to Me
85 Selwood Farm
86 Borrow Mine
87 Daylight Breaking
88 White Flag
89 Born To Die
90 The Hammer Holds
91 Into The Day
92 Lights of Distant Cities
93 Perhaps She'll Wait
94 The Rebel Jesus
95 Finding You
96 Healing Song
97 Where Are You
98 The Broken
99 Beautiful Scandalous Night
100 Sometimes By Step
101 I will lift my eyes [Radio Edit]
102 All That I Have Sown
103 Joy To The World
104 World Gone Dark
105 Angel Fire
106 What Child Is This
107 Sing Over Me

Bebo Norman Bio

Jeffrey Stephen "Bebo" Norman (born May 29, 1973) is a contemporary Christian musician from Columbus, Georgia, US. His most successful album to date is Myself When I Am Real, which included hit songs "Great Light of the World" and "Falling Down". Other popular songs by Norman include "Disappear", "Nothing Without You", "I Will Lift My Eyes", and "Borrow Mine". He initially gained popularity when touring with another Christian band, Caedmon's Call. Norman's fans call themselves Simpletons. Norman is married to Roshare Finecey.

Norman was originally involved in Young Life Ministries and gained a considerable fan base by performing at the summer camps there. This has drawn parallels to musician Matt Wertz and producer Ed Cash (Chris Tomlin, Amy Grant), both who gained fame through their involvement with Young Life. Upon releasing Big Blue Sky, his third album, Norman included a slip asking for donations to the organization. His song "Walk Down This Mountain" is about an experience at Young Life's Wilderness Ranch.

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