Bathory Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Bathory Lyrics - by Popularity

1 The Return Of Darkness And Evil
2 The Wind Of Mayhem
3 Enter The Eternal Fire
4 Blood Fire Death
5 One Rode To Asa Bay
6 Rider At The Gate Of Dawn
7 Massacre
8 Pace 'till Death
9 Home Of Once Brave
10 Pax Vobiscum
11 Roller Coaster
12 Under The Runes
13 Son Of The Damned
14 Crawl To Your Cross
15 Baptised In Fire And Ice
16 Armageddon
17 Equimanthorn
18 13 Candles
19 Krom
20 Oden's Ride Over Nordland
21 Chariots Of Fire
22 Shores In Flames
23 Valhalla
24 You Don't Move Me (I Don't Give A Fuck)
25 The Sword
26 Call From The Grave
27 Dies Irae
28 The Rite Of Darkness
29 Into The Silent Chambers Of the Sapphirean Throne
30 I Want Out
31 The Stallion
32 Death And Resurrection Of A Northern Son
33 Father To Son
34 Blood On Ice
35 Hades
36 Blooded Shores
37 Ode
38 Death From Above
39 In Conspiracy With Satan
40 An Inch Above The Ground
41 Pestilence
42 Necromansy [sic]
43 The Lake
44 Sadist (Tormentor)
45 Of Doom
46 Woman Of Dark Desires
47 Ring Of Gold
48 Liberty & Justice
49 Raise The Dead
50 Immaculate Pinetreeroad
51 Song To Hall Up High
52 Through Blood By Thunder
53 109
54 Kill Kill Kill
55 Reaper
56 I've Had It Coming My Way
57 Bleeding
58 Sociopath
59 White Bones
60 Sacrifice
61 You Just Got To Live
62 Bond Of Blood
63 Born To Die
64 Sudden Death
65 Destroyer Of Worlds
66 War
67 When Our Day Is Through
68 Burnin' Leather
69 Bestial Lust (Bitch)
70 Broken Sword
71 Hatheg Kla
72 A Fine Day To Die
73 The Messenger
74 Born For Burning
75 Daddy's Girl
76 Vinland
77 Odens Ride Over Nordland
78 Die In Fire
79 Day Of Wrath
80 War Supply
81 Dreaming Of Atlantean Spires
82 Outro
83 Possessed
84 The Reap Of Evil
85 Deuce
86 A Black Moon Broods over Lemuria
87 Enthroned In The Temple Of The Serpent Kings
88 Storm of Damnation (Intro)
89 For All Those Who Died
90 Fanfare
91 Sadist
92 The Ravening
93 Holocaust
94 Total Destruction
95 Grey
96 Lake Of Fire
97 Shadows 'Neath The Black Pyramid
98 Valley of Silent Paths
99 Twilight Of The Gods
100 Blood And Iron
101 Heimfard
102 Requiem
103 Spellcraft & Moonfire (Beyond The Citadel Of Frosts)
104 Nocternal Obeisance
105 The Golden Walls Of Heaven
106 Hammerheart
107 Hit My Head
108 The Revenge Of Blood On Ice
109 Witch-Storm
110 Great Hall Awaits A Fallen Brother
111 To Enter Your Mountain

Bathory Bio

Bathory was a Swedish heavy metal band, formed by Quorthon in 1983. They are regarded as pioneers of both black metal and Viking metal. The band is named after the infamous Hungarian countess Elizabeth Báthory.

Bathory was formed in Stockholm in 1983. Founder Quorthon, a seventeen-year-old guitarist, was joined by bassist Hanoi and drummer Vans. After various name changes (beginning with Nosferatu, then Natas, Mephisto, Elizabeth Bathory and Countess Bathory) they finally settled on Bathory. Their first recording deal came that same year, when Quorthon managed to secure the consent of Tyfon Grammofon's boss, who was the main man's father, to record two tracks for the compilation Scandinavian Metal Attack. The tracks which he recorded gained unexpected attention by fans. Soon afterward, Tyfon Grammofon contacted Quorthon and asked him to record a full-length album.

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