Basshunter Lyrics

Genre: Electronic

Basshunter Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Every Morning
2 Dont Walk Away
3 I Miss You
4 Russia Privjet
5 In Her Eyes
6 I Can Walk On Water I Can Fly
7 Bota Anna
8 Can You
9 DotA
10 All I Ever Wanted
11 Welcome To Rainbow
12 Boten Anna (Instrumental)
13 I Still Love
14 Angel In The Night
15 Now You're Gone
16 Why
17 I Can't Deny
18 Far From Home
19 Love You More
20 Day & Night
21 Dream Girl
22 I Will Learn To Love Again
23 Professional Party People
24 I Know U Know
25 On Our Side
26 Without Stars
27 Beat
28 Jingle Bells (Bass)
29 Please Don't Go
30 I'm Your Bass Creator
31 Dream On The Dancefloor (Radio Edit)
32 Angels In The Night
33 Walk On Water (Ultra DJs Remix)
34 Calling Time
35 Angel In The Night (Headhunters Remix)
36 Far Away
37 Camilla (Swedish Version)
38 Rise My Love
39 All I Ever Wanted (Ultra DJs Remix)
40 I’ve Got You Now
41 I Can Walk On Water
42 You’re Not Alone
43 Bass Creator
44 We Are The Waccos
45 Northern Light (Original Mix)
46 Hallå Där
47 Fest I Hela Huset
48 Don't Walk Away
49 Lawnmower To Music
50 I Promised Myself
51 Plane To Spain
52 All I Ever Wanted (DJ Alex Extended Remix)
53 Pitchy
54 Numbers
55 I Miss You (Hyperzone Remix)
56 I Came Here To Party
57 Camilla
58 Hardstyle Drops
59 Saturday
60 Far Away (Josh’s Big Room Remix)
61 Every Morning (Michael Mind Remix Edit)
62 Please Don't Go (Bad Behaviour Remix)
63 Utan Stjärnorna
64 Dream On The Dancefloor (Rude Dog Remix)
65 Every Morning (Ultra DJ's Bass Mix)
66 Dirty
67 Northern Light (Candlelight Version)
68 Wake Up Beside Me
69 Vi Sitter I Ventrilo Och Spelar DotA
70 Tired Of You
71 Crash & Burn
72 Boten Anna

Basshunter Bio

Jonas Erik Altberg (born in Halmstad, Sweden. on 22 December 1984), better known by his stage name Basshunter /ˈbeɪs.hʌn.tər/ is a Swedish singer-songwriter, record producer, and DJ. He recorded five studio albums: LOL <(^^,)> (2006), Now You're Gone – The Album (2008), Bass Generation (2009), The Early Bedroom Sessions (2012) and Calling Time (2013). According to 2014 data, more than six million Basshunter albums and singles have been sold. In addition to his own music, he has written and produced for a great number of artists. He also took part in the seventh series of Celebrity Big Brother, the British edition of Fort Boyard and the Weakest Link in 2010.

Jonas Altberg was born and raised in Halmstad, Sweden and lived with his parents, Karl Göran Altberg and Gunhild Elisabet Altberg, and younger brother, Joakim, near Tylösand beach. His mother was a teacher and head of a secondary school in Sweden. His father worked in a construction company. Basshunter first went to Kattegattgymnasiet lyceum, a technical school. However, he moved to Sturegymnasiet lyceum in Halmstad studying music. He also attended College but did not continue.

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