Basia Lyrics

Genre: Jazz

Basia Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Time and Tide
2 Prime Time TV
3 My Cruel Ways
4 Perfect Mother
5 Come To Heaven
6 Ordinary People
7 Forgive and Forget
8 The Prayer Of A Happy Housewife
9 Brave New Hope
10 Third Time Lucky
11 Copernicus
12 Astrud
13 Not an Angel
14 A Gift
15 Reward (Live)
16 Blame It On The Summer
17 Drunk On Love
18 More Fire Than Flame
19 New Day for You
20 Winners
21 They Know Nothing About Us
22 It's That Girl Again
23 Simple Pleasures
24 The Sweetest Illusion
25 Yearning
26 Someone For Everyone
27 From Now On
28 Everybody's On The Move
29 Baby You're Mine (Live)
30 Drunk on Love (extended mix)
31 Time And Time
32 How Dare You
33 There's A Tear
34 Drunk on Love (downtown club mix)
35 An Olive Tree
36 Masquerade
37 Half a Minute
38 Drunk on Love (roger's ultimate anthem mix)
39 Miles Away
40 Two Islands
41 Half A Minute (Live)
42 Astrud (Live)
43 Love Lies Bleeding
44 From Now On (Live)
45 Baby You're Mine (street version)
46 Cruising for Bruising (12" Remix)
47 Promises (Live)
48 Promises
49 Waters Of March (Aguas de Março)
50 If Not Now Then When (Live)
51 She Deserves It, Rachel's Wedding
52 Run for Cover
53 Angels Blush
54 A Gift (Live)
55 Baby You're Mine
56 Amelki Smiech
57 Give Me That
58 Love Lies Bleeding (Live)
59 Best Friends
60 Clear Horizon
61 Oh Mama
62 I Must (Live)
63 New Day for You (Live)
64 Brave New Hope (Live)
65 Go for You
66 An Olive Tree (Live)
67 Drunk On Love (Live)
68 Copernicus (Live)
69 Third Time Lucky (Live)
70 Dzień Się Budzi
71 How Dare You (Live)
72 Cruising for Bruising
73 If Not Now Then When
74 Cruising for a Bruising
75 Until You Come Back to Me (Phil Harding 12" remix)
76 Time and Tide (Live)
77 The Waters of March
78 Take Him Back Rachel
79 Cruising for Bruising (Live)
80 I Must
81 From Now On (Band Version)
82 Drunk on Love (single edit)
83 Until You Come Back to Me (That's What I'm Gonna Do) (12" remix)
84 Reward
85 Freeze Thaw
86 Prime Time T.V.
87 Drunk on Love (downtown radio edit)
88 Until You Come Back to Me

Basia Bio

Barbara Trzetrzelewska, known professionally as Basia (born September 30, 1954) is a Polish singer-songwriter and record producer. She established a successful international recording career featuring characteristically Latin-flavoured jazz-pop crossover songs during the late 1980s and early 1990s, particularly in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, and Japan. She is noted for possessing a wide vocal range, approximately three octaves that span from contralto to soprano tessituras, as well as her singular jazz-influenced stylings and multi-layered harmonies.

Basia was born in Jaworzno, Poland. In 1969, she debuted with her local amateur rock band Astry and performed with them on Polish Festival of Beat Avangarde in Kalisz. From 1972 to 1974, she was a member of the popular Polish female vocal group Alibabki. From 1977, she sang with the rock band Perfect. Have a son named Miko?aj, born 1977. Settling temporarily in Chicago in 1979, she later relocated to London in 1981. It was there she met Mark Reilly and longtime collaborator Danny White, brother of jazz guitarist Peter White. In 1983, the trio performed as the jazz-pop group Bronze, but later changed their name to Matt Bianco and recorded their debut album Whose Side Are You On?, released in 1984. That album was a hit across the Europe, selling more than 1.5 million copies and bringing two top thirty hits on the UK Singles Chart: "Get Out of Your Lazy Bed" and "Half a Minute."

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