Barstool Prophets Song Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Barstool Prophets Bio

The Barstool Prophets were a rock band formed in Cornwall, Ontario in 1989 that was active throughout the 1990s. The members were bassist Glenn Forrester, singer/songwriter Graham Greer, guitarist Al Morier, and drummer Bobby Tamas. Originally known as the Wallflowers, the band changed its name in time to release its first independent album, Deflowered, in 1993. The band soon signed to Mercury Records and released Crank in 1995 and Last of the Big Game Hunters in 1997. The single "Paranoia" was included on the soundtrack to the Antonio Banderas/Rebecca De Mornay film Never Talk to Strangers. The singles "Paranoia", "Last of the Big Game Hunters" and "Friend of Mine" were all Canadian rock radio hits in the mid-late 1990s.

The band broke up in October 1999, but have since reunited for a few shows through 2005/06. Graham Greer went on to produce a solo album under the name Moonlight Graham.

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