Barclay James Harvest Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Barclay James Harvest Lyrics - by Popularity

1 John Lennon's Guitar
2 African Nights
3 Child Of The Universe
4 Welcome To The Show
5 Hold On
6 Mocking Bird
7 Lady Macbeth
8 Hymn
9 Believe In Me
10 In Search For England
11 Loving Is Easy
12 Polk Street Rag
13 Ra
14 A Tale Of Two Sixties
15 Rock 'n' Roll Star
16 Suicide?
17 The World Goes On
18 For No One
19 Fly Away
20 Three Weeks To Despair
21 Love On The Line
22 River Of Dreams
23 That Was Then… this Is Now
24 Nova Lepidoptera
25 Origin Earth
26 The Time Of Our Lives
27 Once More
28 So Tomorrow
29 Tonight’s Gonna Be The Night
30 Sip Of Wine
31 Psychedelic Child
32 Good Love Child
33 Guitar Blues
34 Alone In The Night
35 Shadows On The Sky
36 Medicine Man
37 Panic
38 Rebel Woman
39 The Life You Lead
40 After The Day
41 Capricorn
42 Sideshow
43 May Day
44 Poor Wages
45 Paraiso Dos Cavalos
46 Watching You
47 Where Do We Go
48 Pool Of Tears
49 Leper's Song
50 Say You'll Stay
51 Inside My Nightmare
52 Forever Yesterday
53 Mother Dear
54 Giving It Up
55 (Took Me) So Long
56 I've Got A Feeling
57 For Your Love
58 Fantasy: Loving Is Easy
59 Harbour
60 Victims Of Circumstance
61 Waiting On The Borderline
62 The Joker
63 Back To Earth
64 Kiev
65 Who Do We Think We Are
66 Berlin
67 Nova Leipidoptera
68 Ring Of Changes
69 Teenage Heart
70 Time Of Our Lives
71 Cheap The Bullet
72 The Closed Shop
73 Knoydart
74 Ballad Of Denshaw Mill
75 Crazy City
76 In Memory Of The Martyrs
77 Halfway To Freedom
78 The Streets Of San Francisco
79 Copii Romania
80 Following Me
81 Poor Boy Blues
82 Life Is For Living
83 If Love Is King
84 Turning In Circles
85 Cold War
86 On The Wings Of Love
87 Friend Of Mine
88 I'm Like A Train

Barclay James Harvest Bio

Barclay James Harvest is a English rock band specialising in Symphonic/Melodic Rock with folk/progressive/classical influences. The band was founded in Saddleworth, a civil parish now in the Metropolitan Borough of Oldham, in September 1966 by John Lees, Les Holroyd, Stuart "Woolly" Wolstenholme, and Mel Pritchard (1948-2004).

After signing with EMI's Parlophone in the UK for one single in early 1968, they were moved to the more progressively inclined label of Harvest. Their self-titled debut album was released in mid 1970 to positive reviews, but few sales. Their second album Once Again gained more favourable reviews, and the tour that followed was conducted with a full orchestra under the guidance of Robert John Godfrey. Their third album Barclay James Harvest and Other Short Stories was an even greater achievement, though Martyn Ford was brought in to supervise the orchestral work after Robert John Godfrey departed over writing issues behind "Mockingbird" - one of the group's most consistently popular tracks - from the LP Once Again. By the release of their fourth album, Baby James Harvest, in 1972, the pressures of touring were beginning to have an impact on the band, and the album's inconsistency was noticed by both fans and critics alike.

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