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Genre: Pop

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Band Ohne Namen (English translation Band Without Name, also known as B.O.N., previously known under the name Die Allianz) was a duo composed of Guy Gross and Claus Capek, both from Germany. They are most famous for their hip-pop record Boys, which charted in many European countries in the year 2000.

The original version of Boys as featured in their debut album No. 1 consisted of German lyrics interrupted by an English chorus. The single became a hit after it was translated fully into English, which spurred their next album B.O.N. in the USA, which was an all-English version of No. 1.

The follow-up English single Nobody was not as successful, and did not enter the English charts, although it featured on the UK MTV Hits music channel. Their follow-up track in German, Take My Heart, was certified "gold" in Germany.

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