Backyard Babies Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Backyard Babies Lyrics - by Popularity

1 U.F.O. Romeo
2 Star War
3 Look At You
4 Robber Of Life
5 8-balled
6 Bombed (Out Of My Mind)
7 Heaven 2.9
8 Minus Celsius
9 Get Dead
10 Bigger W/A Trigger
11 Highlights
12 My Demonic Side
13 The Kids Are Right
14 Come Undone
15 Wild Dog
16 Abandon
17 Fill Up This Bad Machine
18 POP
19 The Mess Age
20 Fly Like a Little
21 Ghetto You
22 Voodoo Love Bow
23 Friends
24 By The Phone
25 A Song For The Outcast
26 Kickin’ Up Dust
27 Hey I'm Sorry
28 Idiots
29 Dysfunctional Professional
30 Three Wize Monkeys
31 One Sound
32 Brand New Hate
33 Should I Be Damned
34 The Ship
35 Taxi Driver
36 Fashion (Changes With You)
37 Pigs For Swine
38 Colours
39 Heaven in Hell
40 Let's Go To Hell
41 Nomadic
42 Lies
43 Jack The Ripper
44 Earn The Crown
45 Ex-Files
46 Shame
47 Back On The Juice
48 Mommys Little Monster
49 Pet Sematary
50 Year By Year
51 Heroes & Heroines
52 Made Me Madman
53 Where Were You?
54 Teenagers From Mars
55 Please! Please! Please!
56 Be Myself And I
57 I Love To Roll
58 I Got Spades
59 Zoe Is A Weirdo
60 One Track Mind
61 Blackheart
62 You Tell Me You Love Me You Lie
63 Like A Child
64 Spotlight The Sun
65 Saved By The Bell
66 Powderhead
67 Davil-May-Care
68 Cockblocker Blues
69 Painkiller
70 Something To Swallow
71 Subculture Hero
72 Love
73 Wireless Mind
74 Pretty Ugly
75 Roads
76 Payback
77 Things To Do Before We Die
78 Can't Find The Door
79 Shut The Fuck Up
80 We Go A Long Way Back
81 You Cannot Win
82 Backstrabber
83 Stars
84 Backstabber
85 Big Bad Wolf
86 People Like, People Like, People Like Us
87 The Clash
88 Fuck Off And Die
89 Everybody Ready?
90 Gotta Go!
91 Say When
92 Strange Kind Of Attitude
93 Too Tough To Make Some Friends
94 Degenerated
95 Fuck Off & Die
96 Rocker (Feat Michael Monroe)
97 Minor Major Problem
98 Smell the Magic
99 Electric Suzy
100 Babylon
101 This Is How The World Ends
102 Bad to the Bone
103 Drool
104 The Messy Age (How Could I Be So Wrong)
105 (Is It) Still Alright To Smile
106 Shattered Bands
107 Diesel and Power

Backyard Babies Bio

Backyard Babies are a Swedish punk rock band, from Nässjö, Sweden. The band was formed in 1987, over the years they have released five studio albums and have won a Swedish Grammy. The band remains together, though they are now located in Stockholm, Sweden.

They are largely attributed with bringing sleaze rock to Scandinavia and Sweden, a scene which has spawned several bands that continues to grow today. They are a big influence on the current upsurge in sleaze rock in the UK unsigned scene, with Disarm calling them a big influence. Their single "Minus Celsius" appears as a playable bonus track in Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock.

Formed in 1987, The Babies (as they are known by fans) were singer and bassist Tobbe, guitarist Dregen, guitarist Johan Blomqvist and drummer Peder Carlsson. They were then called "Tyrant". Together they played several live shows in their local area and recorded a rough demo.

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