Au Revoir Simone Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Au Revoir Simone Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Fallen Snow (Live)
2 Through the Backyards (Leander remix)
3 I Couldn't Sleep (Darkel remix)
4 The Lucky One (Slow Club remix)
5 Stars
6 A Violent Yet Flammable World
7 Dark Halls (Live)
8 Take Me as I Am (Max Cooper remix)
9 The Way to There
10 Sad Song (Pacific remix)
11 Fallen Snow (Age of Rockets Remix - Bonus Track)
12 Christmas Time Is Here
13 Dark Halls (Bitchee Bitchee Ya Ya Remix)
14 Fallen Snow (Age of Rockets remix)
15 Sad Song (Air France remix)
16 Fallen Snow (The Teenagers remix)
17 Fallen Snow (Skatebård remix)
18 Love You Don’t Know Me
19 Fallen Snow (Found Remix)
20 Another Likely Story (Social Disco Club remix)
21 Night Majestic (Matt Harding remix)
22 Sad Song (Pacific! remix)
23 Fallen Snow (Skatebard Remix)
24 More Than
25 Fallen Snow (Scaateboard Remix)
26 Another Likely Story (Neon Indian remix)
27 Stars (Disco Pusher remix)
28 Backyards of Our Neighbors
29 Only You Can Make You Happy (PUNCHES Remix) BONUS
30 The Lead Is Galloping
31 Organized Scenery
32 Another Likely Story (Aeroplane remix)
33 Lark (Ruff and Jam remix)
34 The Lucky One (Kyte remix)
35 A Violent Yet Flannable Word
36 Crazy
37 We Both Know
38 We Are Here
39 Fallen Snow (Teenagers remix)
40 Night Majestic
41 Through the Backyards (The Shortwave Set remix)
42 Dark Halls (Btichee Bitchee Ya Ya Ya Remix)
43 Just Like a Tree
44 Tell Me
45 Don't See the Sorrow
46 Dark Halls
47 Only You Can Make You Happy (Deradoorian remix)
48 Lead Is Galloping (Babe Remix)
49 Somebody Who
50 All or Nothing
51 The Disco Song
52 The Way to There (Rerunner remix)
53 Take Me as I Am (It's a Musical remix)
54 Somebody Who (Nzca Remix)
55 Gravitron
56 Knight of Wands
57 Where You Go
58 A Violent Yet Flammable World (Montag remix)
59 Shadows (Tanlines remix)
60 Somebody Who (The Shoes and San Zhi Remix)
61 Somebody Who (Machines in Heaven Remix)
62 Boiling Point
63 The Last One
64 The Lucky One (James Yuill remix)
65 Don't See the Sorrow (Keith Murray remix)
66 Shadows
67 Somebody Who (Dubka Remix)
68 Hand Over Hand
69 Only You Can Make You Happy
70 Hurricanes
71 Dark Halls (Best Fwends remix)
72 Backyards
73 The Lucky One
74 Somebody Who (NZCA/Lines Remix)
75 Let the Night Win
76 Take Me as I Am
77 Sad Song (Alexis Taylor remix)
78 Sad Song (Dantons Eeprom's Lost 80's Hit remix)
79 Stay Golden
80 Lark
81 Hand over Hand (Bermuda Star Remix)
82 Through The Backyards (Live)
83 Anywhere You Looked
84 The Way to There (Mark-Anthony Tieku remix)
85 Oh! You Pretty Things
86 Shadows (It's A Fine Line Remix)
87 I'll Be Home For Christmas
88 More Than (Etienne Daho Remix)
89 Sad Song (Live)
90 Back In Time
91 Trace a Line
92 Sad Song (RAC mix)
93 Fallen Snow
94 The Winter Song
95 Somebody Who (Tropical Remix)
96 I Couldn't Sleep (Live)
97 And Sleep Al Mar
98 Another Likely Story
99 Through the Backyards
100 Sad Song
101 I Couldn't Sleep

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Au Revoir Simone Bio

Electronic dream pop band from Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York, formed in late 2003. The group is composed of Erika Forster (vocals/keyboard), Annie Hart (vocals/keyboard), and Heather D'Angelo (vocals/drum machine/keyboard). The band's name comes from a line Pee-wee Herman says to a minor character (named Simone) in Tim Burton's 1985 film, Pee-wee's Big Adventure.