Armand Van Helden Lyrics

Genre: Electronic

Armand Van Helden Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Full Moon
2 I Want Your Soul
3 Shake That Ass (Mowgli remix)
4 U Don't Know Me
5 I Want Your Soul (Dusty Kid Suga vocal mix)
6 My My My (Stonebridge remix) (feat. Tara McDonald)
7 The Funk Phenomena (Edge Factor Dub) [Remastered]
8 My My My (Ashley Beedle New York Fam remix)
9 When the Lights Go Down (Trophy Twins Digital dub)
10 When The Lights Go Down
11 I Want Your Soul (Jah dub)
12 Koochy (Keith Mac and Icey (remix))
13 Sugar (Cagebaby Mix Edit)
14 Je T'Aime (Switch remix)
15 Why Can't You Free Some Time (Superchumbo Vocode mix)
16 Playing House
17 I Want Your Soul (Lost Daze club mix)
18 The Funk Phenomena (Original) [Remastered]
19 Still In Love
20 Je Taime (Switch Remix)
21 Witch Doktor (radio edit)
22 A Track Called Jack
23 I Want Your Soul (Hipp-E's Tek No Priznors mix)
24 The Funk Phenomena (Razor and DJ Scribble Mix) [Remastered]
25 To Be a Freak
26 The Funk Phenomena (Twenty Years Rulin Edit)
27 The Funk Phenomena (Radio Edit) [Remastered]
28 My, My, My (feat. Tara McDonald) (StoneBridge remix)
29 Boogie Monster
30 I Want Your Soul (Hipp-E's bonus mix)
31 This Aint Hollywood (Radio Slave Remix)
32 I Want Your Soul (Tommie Sunshine's East Meets Midwest Remix)
33 The Funk Phenomena (The Firm Selectors Remix)
34 The Funk Phenomena (JOHNICkennydopeMASTERMIX) [Remastered]
35 A Track Called Jack (Low Steppa Deep Vibe)
36 My My My (StoneBridge remix)
37 I Want Your Soul (Hipp-E's Tek No dub)
38 Hear My Name - Original
39 I Want Your Soul (Tommie Sunshine's "East Meets Mid-West" remix)
40 MyMyMy (Stonebridge Remix)
41 Witch Doktor (Dark Aces Mix)
42 The Funk Phenomena (7" version)
43 Touch Your Toes (feat. Fat Joe and BL) - Radio Edit
44 I Want Your Soul (Wizard's Breaks mix)
45 The Funk Phenomena (Da Hool Remix)
46 Touch Your Toes (Serge Santiágo remix)
47 Pushem' Up (feat. Big Kap)
48 My My My
49 Witch Doktor (The Dark Age mix)
50 Wings (Extended Mix)
51 I Want Your Soul (Hipp-E's Tek No Priznor's Mix)
52 The Funk Phenomena (Santos Pandemonio Remix)
53 This Ain't Hollywood (radio Slave remix)
54 Koochy (12" version)
55 Into Your Eyes (Original Edit)
56 Witch Doktor (The Possessed mix)
57 Wings
58 Touch Your Toes (radio edit)
59 The Funk Phenomena (Sound Bluntz Remix)
60 Touch Your Toes (Serge Santiago remix)
61 Witch Doktor (Eddie Thoneick mix)
62 The Tear Drop
63 Touch Your Toes - Dirty Edit
64 Je T'Aime (Digital Dog club mix)
65 The Funk Phenomena (Edited By Dave Matthias)
66 Je T'Aime (Riva Starr "Acid '80" remix)
67 U Don't Know Me (feat. Duane Harden) (original mix)
68 Witch Doktor (Brainless Remix)
69 Je T'Aime (Digital Dog dub mix)
70 The Funk Phenomena (Johnick Kenny Dope Master Mix)
71 Hear My Name (original mix)
72 The Funk Phenomena (Mixed By The Firm Selectors)
73 MyMyMy (Ashley Beedle New York Fam Remix)
74 My My My (original club mix)
75 Je T'Aime (Cagedbaby K mix)
76 The Funk Phenomena (JOHNICK Manhattan Special Mix) [Remastered]
77 Funk Phenomena 2k (original mix)
78 Je t'aime (radio edit)
79 Into Your Eyes
80 MyMyMy (Original Club Mix)
81 Je T'Aime (Nathan Detroit remix)
82 The Funk Phenomena (X-MIX Remix) [Remastered]
83 You Don't Know Me
84 Je t'aime (original)
85 NYC Beat [Radio Edit]
86 I Want Your Soul (Crookers remix)
87 Je T'Aime (This Time of Night remix)
88 The Funk Phenomena (Ms T's Phenomenal Mix) [Remastered]
89 You Don’t Know Me
90 Je t'aime (Digital Dog mix)
91 Hear My Name
92 Bonkers
93 Je T'Aime (instrumental)
94 Touch Your Toes (Dirty Radio Edit)
95 The Teardrop
96 Je t'aime (SMD remix)
97 Roses 'Caroline'
98 I Want Your Soul (TV Rock mix)
99 My My My (Funktuary mix) (feat. Tara McDonald)
100 Touch Your Toes (SergeSantiago Remix)
101 Witch Doktor (Dark Ages Mix)
102 Je t'aime (Cagedbaby remix)

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