Architects Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Architects Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Running from the Sun
2 They'll Be Hanging Us Tonight
3 Outsider Heart
4 Rise Against
5 Black Blood
6 C.A.N.C.E.R
7 North Lane
8 Follow the Water
9 Behind the Throne
10 You Don't Walk Away From Dismemberment
11 Cracks In the Earth
12 Colony Collapse
13 Castles In the Air
14 Always
15 A Portrait for the Deceased
16 Feather of Lead
17 Red Hypergiant
18 Blood Bank
19 Youth Is Wasted On the Young
20 Officer Down
21 Numbers Count for Nothing
22 Unbeliever
23 Hunt Them Down
24 Of Dust and Nations
25 Broken Cross
26 To the Death (2008)
27 One of These Days
28 Day In Day Out (Big Chocolate remix)
29 Blood Bank (Bon Iver cover)
30 A Match Made In Heaven
31 The Devil Is Near
32 Left With a Last Minute
33 Dethroned
34 Year In Year Out/Up and Away
35 Of Dust and Nations (Thrice cover)
36 Delete, Rewind
37 Dead Man Talking
38 Hollow Crown
39 In Elegance
40 Learn to Live
41 Nihilist
42 Heartburn (Acoustic)
43 The Distant Blue
44 Dead March
45 This Confession Means Nothing
46 BTN
47 Deathwish
48 Outside Heart
49 You Don't Walk Away from Disemberment
50 To the dEATH
51 [untitled]
52 An Open Letter to Myself
53 Phantom Fear
54 Heartburn (Acoustic Version)
55 The Shadow of Doubt (bonus track)
56 You'll Find Safety
57 Even If You Win, You're Still a Rat
58 The Blues
59 The Empty Hourglass
60 The Shadow of Doubt (B-Sides / Bonus Track)
61 Untitled II (bonus track)
62 Buried At Sea
63 Devil's Island
64 Red Eyes
65 Gravity
66 Early Gave
67 Every Last Breath
68 I Can't See the Light
69 Alpha Omega
70 Stay Young Forever
71 All Love Is Lost
72 Shadow of a Doubt
73 Early Grave
74 Low
75 The Bitter End
76 Year In Year Out / Up And Away
77 Heartburn
78 From the Wilderness
79 Untitled 2
80 Borrowed Time
81 In the Desert
82 These Colours Don't Run
83 Learn To Live (Big Chocolate Remix)
84 Brocken Clocks
85 Memento Mori
86 Broken Clocks
87 Save Me
88 The Darkest Tomb
89 Daybreak
90 We're All Alone
91 Day In Day Out
92 Gone With The Wind
93 Gravedigger
94 Heartless
95 Minesweeper
96 Truth, Be Told
97 Officer Down (Stampin' Ground Cover)
98 Downfall
99 Naysayer

Architects Bio

Architects are a British metalcore band from Brighton, England. The band currently consists of vocalist Sam Carter, guitarist and keyboardist Tom Searle and his twin brother, drummer Dan Searle, as well as bassist Alex Dean and guitarist Adam Christianson. The band's first name was Inharmonic, which was swiftly changed to Counting the Days, and finally to Architects after a couple of years. They have released six studio albums and one split EP with Dead Swans to date.

They released their debut album Nightmares in 2006 through In at the Deep End records. After the departure of their original vocalist, Matt Johnson, Sam Carter joined the band and made his first appearance on Architects' second album Ruin released in 2007 through United by Fate records.

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