Archers Of Loaf Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Archers Of Loaf Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Attack Of The Killer Bees
2 Freezing Point
3 Wrong
4 Vocal Shrapnel
5 Lowest Part Is Free
6 You And Me
7 Revenge
8 Might
9 Web In Front
10 Backwash
11 Harnessed In Slums
12 Scenic Pastures
13 Audiowhore
14 Underachievers March And Fight Song
15 Fabricoh
16 Plumbline
17 Greatest Of All Time
18 Nevermind The Enemy
19 The Worst Has Yet To Come
20 Underdogs Of Nipomo
21 Hate Paste
22 Last Word
23 Perfect Time
24 Floating Friends
25 Slick Tricks And Bright Lights
26 Bombs Away
27 Bones Of Her Hands
28 Sickfile
29 White Trash Heroes
30 Bumpo
31 Slow Worm
32 Chumming The Oceans
33 Toast
34 Distance Comes In Droves
35 Form And File
36 Step Into The Light
37 Rental Sting
38 Strangled By The Stereowire
39 Dead Red Eyes
40 Acromegaly
41 Fat
42 Fashion Bleeds
43 All The Nations Airports
44 The Worst Defense
45 Assassination On Christmas Eve
46 Quinn Beast
47 Quinnbeast
48 Smokers In Love
49 Wrong (7" Version)
50 Learo, You’re a Hole
51 Let The Loser Melt
52 South Carolina
53 Learo, You're a Hole
54 Density (7" single, Alias, 1996)
55 Nostalgia
56 Strangled by the Stereo Wire (ATNA 4-Track Demo)
57 All the Nations Airports (ATNA 4-Track Demo)
58 Bones of Her Hands (ATNA 4-Track Demo)
59 Form and File (ATNA 4-Track Demo)
60 Bacteria
61 Density (ATNA 4-Track Demo)
62 After The Last Laugh
63 Fashion Bleeds (WTH 4-Track Demo)
64 Banging On A Dead Drum
65 Dead Red Eyes (WTH 4-Track Demo)
66 Once Slight Wrong Move (WTH 4-Track Demo)
67 1985
68 After the Last Laugh (WTH 4-Track Demo)
69 Death In The Park
70 I.n.s.
71 White Trash Heroes (WTH 4-Track Demo)
72 One Slight Wrong Move

Archers Of Loaf Bio

Archers of Loaf is an American indie rock band originally formed in Chapel Hill, North Carolina in 1991. The group toured extensively and released four studio albums, one compilation, numerous singles and EPs, and a live album which was released after the band broke up in 1998. In 2011 the band began a reunion tour that coincided with the reissue of four of its albums by Merge Records.

Singer/guitarist Eric Bachmann, guitarist Eric Johnson, bassist Matt Gentling, and drummer Mark Price, all originally from Asheville, NC, formed Archers of Loaf in the early 1990s. Eric Bachmann was a saxophone major at Appalachian State University before dropping out because he "didn't want to be a high school band director."

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