ApologetiX Lyrics

Genre: Rock

ApologetiX Lyrics - by Popularity

1 I Want In That Place
2 Corinthians
3 Kosmik
4 The Real Sin Savior ("The Real Slim Shady" by Eminem)
5 Land of Delusion (Parody of "Land of Illusion")
6 Cheap Birds
7 Dancing Dave
8 Kosmik (parody of "Kashmir" By Led Zeppelin)
9 Smooth Grandmamma
10 Want It Dead or Alive
11 Parable Guy
12 Revelation Man (Parody of "Secret Agent Man" By Johnny Rivers)
13 Heaven Isn't Like That
14 Shovin', Crushin', Squeezin'
15 Learn Some Deuteronomy
16 This Is from Paul (Parody of "This Is a Call")
17 Drop Your Knife and Hurry, Man (Parody of "Rock You Like a Hurricane")
18 Man on a Cross
19 Put You Down in My Will
20 Manger
21 Some Sign from Above (Parody of "Sunshine of Your Love")
22 Judgment Gets Passed (parody of "Jumpin' Jack Flash" By the Rolling Stones)
23 Psum 14
24 Aquila (Parody of "Aqualung")
25 Yes Today
26 One Night in Bethlehem (Parody of "One Night in Bangkok")
27 Good News Bookie (Live) [Parody of "Boot Scootin' Boogie" By Brooks & Dunn]
28 Sufferin' Just Finished ("Suffragette City" by David Bowie)
29 Look Yourself
30 Smart Blest Man
31 Apostle Me (Parody of "Rock 'n Me" By Steve Miller Band)
32 Flurry
33 Singled You Out
34 I'll Prepare For You
35 Armageddon Valley Someday (Parody of "Pleasant Valley Sunday" By the Monkees)
36 I Have To Die First
37 The Ballad of Jesus & Yahweh
38 Not Some Old Fantasy
39 Rock This Tower
40 Comeback (Parody of "Comedown")
41 Christ's Wedding
42 Barroom Hitz
43 More Than a Healing
44 Christmasnite
45 Communion Ain't Just Bread Now (Parody of "Communication Breakdown")
46 The Boys Aren't Backin' Down (parody of "The Boys Are Back In Town" By Thin Lizzy)
47 The Word
48 The Power Above
49 Jc's Mom
50 Christ in the Stable (Parody of "Cat's in the Cradle")
51 December 5 or 6 B.C. (Oh Holy Night) [Parody of "December 1963 {Oh What a Night}]
52 The Spittle ("The Middle" by Jimmy Eat World)
53 Walk on the Water
54 Revelation Man
55 Jesus (Sermon On the Mount) [Parody of "Venus" By Shocking Blue]
56 Sufferin’ Just Finished (Haman)
57 Born-Again Child
58 Died And Rose
59 Bends to Low Places (Parody of "Friends In Low Places" By Garth Brooks)
60 Lose Yourself
61 Rock & Roots
62 Don't Bring Me Cows
63 Devil Went Down to Jordan
64 One of Us Indeed (Parody of "One of Us")
65 Keep on Loving Ruth
66 Cornelius
67 Don't Fear the People
68 Help Me, Rhoda
69 Gimme Helper (Parody of "Gimme Shelter")
70 Keep Your Arms Steady (Parody of "Detroit Rock City" By Kiss)
71 Wherever You Will Sow
72 Nice Iced Pavement
73 Welcome to the Judges
74 Excuse Me, Pal, It's Christmastime (Parody of "Purple Haze)
75 Lifestyles of the Rich & Nameless (Parody of "Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous")
76 Wherever You Will Sow (Live) [Parody of "Wherever You Will Go" By the Calling]
77 Meshach ("Love Shack" by the B-52s)
78 Found God
79 Droppin on the Sun
80 Temple Physician (Parody of "Pinball Wizard" By the Who)
81 Smells Like Thirtysomething Spirit
82 Revelation
83 You May Be Bright
84 Enter Samson (Parody of "Enter Sandman" By Metallica)
85 Narrow Way To Heaven (Stairway To Heaven)
86 Cemetery Came Alive
87 Bethlehem's Boy
88 All ApologetiX
89 Matching Punches (Parody of "Bullet with Butterfly Wings")
90 Strangest Folks (parody of "Stranglehold" By Ted Nugent)
91 Drop of Lucifer
92 Rock and Roots
93 That Daughter
94 Drops of Lucifer
95 Hurry Home Wayward Son (Parody of "Carry On Wayward Son" By Kansas)
96 Wake Up, Talitha Cumi
97 Barroom Hitz (Parody of "Ballroom Blitz")
98 Back Intact
99 Nice Iced Pavement (Parody of "Ice Ice Baby")
100 The Devil Went Down to Jordan (Parody of "The Devil Went Down to Georgia")
101 Every Crown Has it's Thorns ("Every Rose Has Its Thorn" by Poison)
102 Somebody Sold Me
103 Bends to Low Places
104 Parable Guy (Parody of "American Pie" By Don McLean)
105 Baa! We’re Lambs!
106 Get a Bite
107 Walk His Way
108 Elijah (Parody of "Elvira" By Oak Ridge Boys)
109 Never Been To Spain (Yet)
110 Guard Your Candle
111 Try Micah
112 Naomi Gonna Be With Ruth
113 Under the Breath (Parody of "Under the Bridge")
114 Very Wiser (parody of "Paralyzer" By Finger Eleven)
115 Don’t Fear the People
116 The Devil Went Down to Jordan
117 Ain't That a Miracle
118 Huge Slumber Party (parody of Use Somebody by Kings of Leon)
119 We Will Walk Through (Parody of "We Will Rock You" By Queen)
120 Guide the Way
121 Guard Your Candle (Parody of "Hard to Handle")
122 Good News Bookie [live]
123 Virgin (Parody of "Urgent")
124 Corinthians (Parody of "In the End" By Linkin Park)
125 Elijah ("Elvira" by the Oak Ridge Boys)
126 None Too Ladylike
127 Enter Samson
128 Didn't Just Die (Parody of "Live and Let Die" By Paul McCartney & Wings)
129 Lifestyles of the Rich & Nameless
130 Hell!
131 John 1:1
132 Crowd of Foreign Girls (Parody of "California Girls" By The Beach Boys)
133 Play That Funny Music
134 Lived the Day You Died
135 Very Wiser
136 Counting Blessings
137 Hotel Can't Afford Ya (Parody of "Hotel California")
138 Bible In Hand (parody of "Travelin' Band" By Creedence Clearwater Revival)
139 Lemonade
140 Be Bold Jeremiah
141 What Is and Will Forever Be
142 Judge (parody of Jump by Van Halen)
143 We're More Than Champions (Parody of "We Are the Champions" By Queen)
144 Little-Read Bible Book
145 Do What David Did (Parody of "Do Wah Diddy Diddy")
146 Hotel Can't Afford Ya 2004
147 Child King (Parody of "Wild Thing")
148 Baa! We're Lambs (Parody of "Barbara Ann" By Beach Boys)
149 Bethlehemian Rhapsody (2001)
150 Rocky's Now My Name
151 Bethlehemian Rhapsody
152 Died and Rose (Parody of "China Grove" By Doobie Brothers)
153 Boy, Tell the World
154 Hey Zaccheus
155 Narrow Way to Heaven
156 Goodnews (Parody of "Footloose")
157 Preachers
158 Do What David Did
159 Bible in Hand
160 Plump
161 Brush (Parody of "Tush")
162 Rocky Start (parody of "Rockstar" By Nickelback)
163 How You Rewind Me
164 Born Above
165 Story of a Squirrel
166 Baa! We're Lambs (parody of Barbara Ann by The Beach Boys)
167 Come, Whale, Away (Parody of "Come Sail Away" By Styx)
168 Down of a Sister
169 God's Blood (Parody of "Hot Blooded")
170 December 5 or 6 B.C.
171 We Didn't Start Messiah (Parody of "We Didn't Start the Fire")
172 One Way
173 Smooth Grandmama (Live) [Parody of "Smooth Criminal"]
174 Stay in the Light
175 Spread the Way
176 (Check Out) The Book
177 Walk His Way (Parody of "Walk This Way" By Aerosmith)
178 Meshach
179 Can't Eat Enough
180 Fishin' on a Pier
181 We're Not Goin' to Canaan (Parody of "We're Not Gonna Take It")
182 Search And You'll Get Saved
183 God's Blood
184 Rocky Start
185 Letterman
186 Cousin Zephaniah (Parody of "Cuts Like a Knife")
187 He Really Got Mad (parody of "You Really Got Me" By the Kinks and Van Halen)
188 Love the Jews
189 Monkey Scheme
190 I Love Apostle Paul (live)
191 Search and You'll Get Saved (parody of Surfin' USA by The Beach Boys)
192 Enemy Lines (Parody of "Ebony Eyes" By Bob Welch)
193 We’re in a Parody Band
194 Special Stone (Parody of ("I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone")
195 Lifestyles of the Rich and Nameless
196 Every Step to Take
197 The Real Sin Savior (Parody of "The Real Slim Shady" By Eminem)
198 Old Time Romans Road
199 Bone Digger
200 Yer Maker
201 John 1:1 (Parody of "Fun, Fun, Fun" By Beach Boys)
202 Land of Delusion
203 Fly Away From Hell
204 Pray Now (Lost Art)
205 Old Man (Parody of "Soul Man")
206 Secret Agent Man
207 For Just You
208 Amos
209 Little Sins
210 Such Impressive Loving Smart Close Friends (Parody of "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band")
211 Smarten Up (parody of "Start Me Up" By the Rolling Stones)
212 Lazy Brain
213 Regeneration
214 Learn Some Deuteronomy (live)
215 Ain't That a Miracle (parody of Pink Houses by John Cougar Mellencamp)
216 Obadiah (Parody of "Hold the Line" By Toto)
217 I’m Gonna Feed (500 Mouths)
218 Puffed-up Cliques (Parody of "Pumped up Kicks")
219 Wherever You Will Sow [live]
220 969
221 I Love Apostle Paul [Live] (Parody of "I Love Rock and Roll" By Joan Jett & The
222 Babylona
223 Bad Dad
224 Catch That Fever!
225 Fakey Shaky Parts (Parody of "Achy Breaky Heart" By Billy Ray Cyrus)
226 Stupid’s Stonghold/Reckless in America
227 Two-Time Baby / Lord's House Blues
228 Sin Can Be Resistible
229 Come for Some (Parody of "Cumbersome")
230 Shepherd's Paradise
231 Weep Jeremiah
232 Play Fair Delilah
233 Stupid World
234 With Little Help from My Friends (Parody of "With a Little Help from My Friends")
235 Amos (parody of "Layla" By Eric Clapton)
236 Called My Wife
237 Good Guys, Bad Guys
238 Walk His Way (live)
239 Keep Your Ham to Yourself (parody of Keep Your Hands to Yourself by Georgia Satellites)
240 Time for Me to Die (Parody of "Time for Me to Fly" By Reo Speedwagon)
241 Too Pregnant (Parody of "Two Princes")
242 Smooth Grandmama [live]
243 Second Timothy
244 Learn Some Deuteronomy [Live] (Parody of "Pour Some Sugar On Me" By Def Leppard)
245 Daniel
246 Back in the New Testament
247 Triune Godhead
248 You Ain't Been Nothing Yet (Parody of "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet" By Bto)
249 Miss Martha
250 Tip From an Angel
251 Trooth
252 Proving My Religion (Parody of "Losing My Religion")
253 You Ain't Been Nothing Yet
254 Special Stone
255 I Saw the Answer There
256 Who's There?
257 Devil Fell (Parody of "Rebel Yell")
258 Play Fair Delilah (parody of "Hey There Delilah" By the Plain White T's)
259 Get Found Tonight
260 Armageddon Valley Someday
261 Don't Be Fooled
262 Anniversary Medley
263 So Render (To Caesar) (Parody of "Surrender" By Cheap Trick)
264 Follow Me
265 You've Got Another King Comin' (Parody of "You've Got Another Thing Comin'")
266 We're in a Parody Band
267 Tom Saw Ya
268 Ronomy
269 Walk His Way [Live] (Parody of "Walk This Way" By Aerosmith)
270 Mama Told Me (What’s to Come)
271 Jericho
272 Ignorant Song
273 Donkey Talked With Him (Parody of "Honky Tonk Women" By the Rolling Stones)
274 The Tablecloth (Peter’s Vision)
275 Hurry Home Wayward Son
276 La Bible
277 God's Own Son (Parody of "Black Hole Sun")
278 Cöstly Trüth
279 Puffed-Up Cliques
280 Catch That Fever
281 Young as You Are
282 Calling Dr. Luke (Parody of "Calling Dr. Love")
283 Lost and Found (parody of "Round and Round" By Ratt)
284 Should I Pray or Should I Go?
285 I Love Apostle Paul
286 Mediterranean Wholebook News (98.5% edition)
287 Want It Dead or Alive (parody of Wanted Dead or Alive by Bon Jovi)
288 Shovin', Crushin', Squeezin' (Parody of "Lovin',touchin', Squeezin'" By Journey)
289 Iraq & Iran
290 Gimme Pre-Trib (Parody of "Gimme Three Steps")
291 Choose Your Daddy
292 Credence Through Deepwater Survival
293 Bad Dude Risin' (Parody of "Bad Moon Risin'" By Creedence Clearwater Revival)
294 Simp Liztik
295 Swimmer
296 The Sounds of Silas
297 Ronomy (Parody of "Runaway" By del Shannon)
298 Transplant
299 We Will Walk Through
300 Crowd of Foreign Girls
301 Aaronic (Parody of "Ironic")
302 Try and Try Again
303 Too Pregnant
304 It's Not Eden
305 Casket Place
306 Rollin' in the Yeast (Parody of "Reelin' in the Years")
307 I Made the Team (parody of "I'm Eighteen" By Alice Cooper)
308 The Spittle
309 Jesse's Boy (parody of "Jessie's Girl")
310 Scripture
311 Aquila (parody of Aqualung by Jethro Tull)
312 Not Some Old Fantasy (Parody of "Rock N' Roll Fantasy" By Bad Company)
313 Lock (Parody of "Walk")
314 Are You Gonna Be Ike's Girl?
315 Kick in the Wall
316 Born-again Child (parody of "Born to Be Wild" By Steppenwolf)
317 You Booked My All Along
318 Here I Go (Against All I've Known)
319 Go Right Now
320 Lawful Woman (in a Bad Place) [Parody of "Long Cool Woman" (in a Black Dress)]
321 Bethlehem’s Boy
322 Come Out And Pray
323 We're More Than Champions
324 Choirboy
325 Better Than Exorcism (Parody of "Good")
326 He Spoke (Parody of "the Stroke")
327 You've Got Another King Comin'
328 Baa! We're Lambs
329 Micah No. 5
330 I Want That Crown (Parody of "I Won't Back Down")
331 Read Ephesians (parody of "Sweet Emotion" By Aerosmith)
332 Sweet Oholibamah
333 Weep Jeremiah (Parody of "Sweet Child O' Mine")
334 Last Rain the Clouds Spill
335 Messiah (Parody of "Desire")
336 Don't Bring Me Cows (Parody of "Don't Bring Me Down" By Elo)
337 For Just You (Parody of "Forget You")
338 Man on a Cross (Parody of "Man in the Box")
339 Cemetery Came Alive (Parody of "Semi-Charmed Life")
340 All the Stalls Stink
341 Jail Got Rocked
342 Revelation (parody of "Revolution" By the Beatles)
343 I’m a Receiver
344 Ephesians
345 Apostle Me
346 Jail Got Rocked (Parody of "Jailhouse Rock" By Elvis Presley)
347 Animals I Have Begun
348 Boulevard Of Both Extremes
349 Enemy Lines
350 Livin' What Jesus Spoke Of
351 One More Wall (Parody of "Wonderwall")
352 Act Selfless (Parody of "Black Velvet")
353 Gimme Pre-Trib
354 Life Restored
355 Santa Claus
356 Flirtin' with the Pastor (Parody of "Flirtin' with Disaster")
357 Sabbath Day's Quite Alright for Nice Things (parody of "Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting" By Elton John)
358 It’s Not Eden
359 Lived the Day You Died (Parody of "Love the Way You Lie")
360 Eight Ways to Be
361 Cut-Rate Hotel (Parody of "Heartbreak Hotel")
362 Another One Died for Us (Parody of "Another One Bites the Dust")
363 Corinthians ("In The End" by Linkin Park
364 Try Micah (Parody of "Drive My Car")
365 It's Tough
366 Crazy Little King God Loves
367 Hey Zaccheus (parody of "Take It Easy" By the Eagles)
368 YHWH
369 Won't Get Born Again
370 Love & Kisses
371 Dancing Dave (Parody of "Dancing Days" By Led Zeppelin)
372 Downer Of A Sister
373 Turning a Little Seasick
374 Obadiah
375 Jonah Jonah
376 God Knows You've Tried (Parody of "Slide")
377 Desperate Queen (Parody of "Dancing Queen")
378 Lock
379 The Real Sin Savior
380 Hotel Can't Afford Ya
381 Jezebel (Parody of "Just a Girl")
382 Life In the Last Days (parody of "Life In the Fast Lane" By the Eagles)
383 Listening After Midnight
384 Catch That Fever! (Parody of "Cat Scratch Fever")
385 Trinity
386 Mary's Got a Son (Parody of "Janie's Got a Gun")
387 Jc's Mom (Parody of "Stacy's Mom" By Fountains of Wayne)
388 How You Rewind Me ("How You Remind Me" by Nickelback)