Apollo 440 Lyrics

Genre: Electronic

Apollo 440 Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Don't Fear The Reaper
2 Altamont Super-Highway Revisited
3 I Need Something Stronger
4 Raw Power
5 Make My Dreams Come True
6 Stealth Mass in F#m
7 White Man's Throat
8 Stop The Rock
9 Odessa Dubstep
10 Yo! Future
11 Stop the Rock (Apollo 440 Mix)
12 Film Me & Finish Me Off
13 Motorbootee
14 High on Your Own Supply
15 Liquid Cool (Space -320°F Biostatic Ambient mix, Part 1)
16 Traumarama
17 The Perfect Crime
18 A Deeper Dub (radio edit)
19 Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Dub
20 Liquid Cool
21 Fuzzy Logic
22 Stop the Rock (album version)
23 Smoke & Mirrors (EP edit)
24 Millennium Fever
25 Music Don't Die
26 Liquid Cool (Ollie J's live Dubs)
27 Altamont Super-Highway Revisited (live at Spirit of Burgas 2010)
28 Carrera Rapida
29 Omega Point
30 Thank You For Nothing
31 Liquid Cool (Ollie J’s live dubs)
32 A Deeper Dub (Cut Up Boys dub mix)
33 Electro Glide In Blue
34 Pain Is A Close Up
35 Stealth Requiem
36 Hustler Groove
37 A Deeper Dub (Kgee remix)
38 Krupa
39 Rumble/Spirit Of America
40 Are We a Rock Band or What...?
41 N'Existe Pas
42 A Deeper Dub (Nokstep remix)
43 Pain In Any Language
44 I Feel You
45 Crazee Horse
46 Children Of The Future
47 A Deeper Dub (440 instrumental 12")
48 Cold Rock the Mic
49 Diamonds In The Sidewalk
50 Charlie’s Angels 2000
51 Stay Frosty
52 Lost in Space (Theme)
53 Ain’t Talking ’Bout Dub
54 Charlie's Angels 2000
55 Stealth Overture
56 The Future's What It Used To Be
57 For Forty Days
58 Ain't Talking 'bout Dub
59 Tears Of The Gods
60 Smoke & Mirrors
61 Heart Go Boom
62 Time Is Running Out
63 Vanishing Point
64 Stealth Cantorum
65 The Machine in the Ghost
66 Stop the Rock (Gigolo Stop the Jock remix edit)
67 A Deeper Dub
68 Blackbeat
69 Stop the Rock (Apollo 440 Original Mix)
70 Astral America
71 Love Is Evil
72 Stadium Parking Lot
73 Electro Glide In Blue (Edit)

Apollo 440 Bio

Apollo 440 (alternately known as Apollo Four Forty or @440) are an English band formed in Liverpool in 1990. Apollo 440 have written, recorded and produced five albums, collaborated with and produced other artists, remixed as Apollo 440 and as ambient cinematic alter-ego Stealth Sonic Orchestra, and created music for film, television, advertisements and multimedia. During their eleven years at Sony, 1993–2004, they notched up 11 Top 40 UK singles with three Top 10s, and had a chart presence worldwide.

The name comes from the Greek god Apollo and the frequency of concert pitch — the A note at 440 Hz, often denoted as "A440", and the Sequential Circuits sampler/sequencer, the Studio 440. They changed the writing of their name from Apollo 440 to Apollo Four Forty in 1996, though they switched back for their latest album.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apollo_440