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Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

Anthony Hamilton Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Coming From Where I'm From
2 I Wanna Be With You
3 Soul On Fire
4 I'm Cool
5 Cornbread Fish and Collardgreens
6 Last Night...Feat Sunshine Anderson
7 Right When I Met You We Fall In Love
8 Last Night
9 All We Been Through
10 Do It All For You
11 Last Night I Fell In Love With You
12 I Fell Like Fallin In Love
13 If I Can Sing For You
14 Change Your World
15 My First Love
16 The Truth
17 Love And War
18 Feel in Love
19 Icing On The Cake
20 Prayin' for You / Superman
21 Trouble
22 Ol' Keeper
23 Away In A Manger (Feat. ZZ Ward)
24 I'll Wait to Fall In Love
25 Amen
26 You
27 I'm Cool (No Rap Version)
28 Charlene (Itunes Originals acoustic version)
29 Her Heart
30 Never Give Up
31 I Cry
32 The Christmas Song (Feat. Chaka Khan)
33 Back to Love
34 Struggle No More (Main Event) - Performed by Anthony Hamilton, Jaheim & Musiq Soulchild
35 Why o Why
36 Where Did It Go Wrong? (Main Version)
37 Charlene (live From Atlanta)
38 Fine Again
39 Better Love
40 Southern Stuff
41 Spirit Of Love
42 Writing On the Wall
43 Preacher's Daughter featuring Tarsha McMillian
44 One Last Time
45 Southern Stuff (Main Version)
46 Comin' From Where I'm From (live From Atlanta)
47 Comin' From Where I'm From
48 Everybody
49 Please
50 Diamond In the Rough
51 Ikea Furniture
52 Pray for Me
53 About Pray For Me - Commentary
54 It's Christmas
55 Can't Let Go (Main Version)
56 Comin' From Where I'm From (radio mix)
57 Struggle No More
58 Preacher's Daughter
59 Please Stay
60 Fax Error in D Minor
61 Best of Me
62 I Wanna Be with You - Remastered
63 'Tis The Season
64 Sista Big Bones (Main Version)
65 Never
66 Comin' From Where I'm From (a cappella)
67 Pass Me Over
68 Magnolia
69 She's Gone
70 Save Me
71 Mad
72 Comin' From Where I'm From
73 Spend Christmas With You
74 Freedom
75 The New
76 Dear Life
77 Where Did It Go Wrong
78 Comin' From Where I'm From
79 Stone Cold
80 Ain't No Shame
81 Sucka for You
82 Comin' From Where I'm From
83 ’Tis the Season
84 I'm a Mess
85 Do You Feel Me
86 Comin Where I'm From
87 The Point of It All
88 Scandalous
89 Sailin Away
90 What I'm Feelin'
91 Baby Girl
92 Comin' From Where I'm From
93 Coming Home
94 Forgive Me
95 Do You Feel Me (main version) (clean)
96 Comin' From Where I'm From (Remix) [featuring Scareface & Jermaine Dupri]
97 Mama Knew Love
98 Never Let Go
99 Prayin' For You/Superman
100 I Want You
101 Who's Loving You
102 Comin' From Where I'm From
103 Please Come Home for Christmas
104 Spend Some Time
105 For The Love
106 Never Love Again
107 Diamond In The Ruff
108 Float
109 The Best Of Me
110 I Used To Love Someone
111 Never Letting Go
112 Life Has a Way
113 Comin' from Where I'm From
114 It’s Christmas
115 Love Is So Complicated
116 Why (feat. Jadakiss)
117 Right Before My Eyes
118 The News
119 Comin' From Where I'm From
120 Lucille
121 Santa Claus Go Straight To The Ghetto
122 Clearly
123 Grateful
124 Broken Man
125 Comin' From Where I'm From
126 Day Dreamin
127 Can't Let Go
128 The Day We Met
129 They Don't Know
130 Chyna Black
131 Little Drummer Boy (Interlude)
132 Ball And Chain
133 Walk In My Shoes
134 I'm Ready
135 Comin' From Where I'm From
136 I Know What Love's All About
137 Comin’ From Where I’m From
138 I Will Go
139 Cool
140 I Did It For Sho
141 Why
142 I Tried
143 Little Drummer Boy
144 Since I Seen't You
145 Take You Home
146 Fair In Love
147 Comin' From Where I'm From
148 Comin' From Where I'm From
149 Daydreamin’
150 Comin' From Where I'm From
151 Charlene
152 Hard To Breathe
153 Don't Say What You Won't Do
154 Sista Big Bones
155 Home For The Holidays (Feat. Gavin DeGraw)
156 I’ll Wait to Fall in Love
157 Still
158 More Than Enough
159 Home for the Holidays
160 Better Days
161 Soul's On Fire
162 Glad U Called
163 Ain't Nobody Worryin'
164 What Do The Lonely Do At Christmas
165 Who’s Loving You
166 Ever Seen Heaven
167 Comin' From Where I'm From (rap version)
168 How I Write My Music (Interview)
169 Magnolia's Room
170 Cornbread, Fish, & Collard Greens
171 Exclusively
172 Fallin' In Love
173 Fallin In Love Again
174 Georgie Parker
175 Away In A Manger (Interlude)
176 Woo
177 Love Is An Angry Thing
178 Nowhere
179 About Charlene (Interview)

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Anthony Hamilton Bio

Anthony Hamilton (born January 28, 1971 in Charlotte, North Carolina) is an American R&B, soul, and neo soul singer, songwriter, and record producer who rose to fame with his platinum-selling second studio album Comin' from Where I'm From (2003), which featured the singles "Comin' from Where I'm From" and "Charlene".

Hamilton first discovered his talent while singing in his church's choir at age ten. In 1993, he left Charlotte and headed to New York City, where he signed with Andre Harrell's Uptown Records. He was first introduced to mainstream audiences with his singing of the chorus on Nappy Roots' 2002 "Po' Folks", which earned a Grammy Award nomination for "Best Rap/Sung Collaboration" in 2003. He is also featured on Jadakiss' 2004 hit "Why" (which was also nominated for "Best Rap/Sung Collaboration", in 2005) and two of 2Pac's remixed songs, 2002's "Thugz Mansion" (7 Remix) and 2006's "Dear Mama" (Frank Nitty Remix). Hamilton's first compilation album, Soulife, is composed of songs recorded during the early part of Hamilton's career and was released in June 2005. Ain't Nobody Worryin', his gold-selling third studio album, was released on December 13, 2005.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anthony_Hamilton_(musician) 

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