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Genre: Rock

Angkor Wat Bio

Angkor Wat was an American Thrash metal band from Corpus Christi, Texas. Named after the Hindu-then-Buddhist temple complex, they were forerunners of the hardcore punk scene that emerged from Corpus Christi in the mid-eighties.

Angkor Wat was formed by Adam Grossman, Danny Lohner, Dave Nuss, Dave Brinkam and Mike Trevino. Mike Titsworth joined the band after Mike T. left the group, with the former two being the core of the band. Their energetic live performances along with their unique blend of thrash metal and hardcore punk landed the band a deal with Metal Blade Records, under which they released two albums. A third album was recorded under the name Angkor Wat, but due to the stylistic difference from the band's previous work Lohner opted to release it as Skrew's debut.


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