And One Lyrics

Genre: Rock

And One Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Love Is A Drug Abuser
2 So Klingt Liebe
3 Paddy Is My DJ
4 Klaus
5 Secret Boy
6 The Sun Always Shines On TV
7 Dein Duft
8 Fur
9 It's A Sin
10 The Great Commandment (Live)
11 Smalltown Boy (Live)
12 Blue Monday (Live)
13 Sometimes
14 Anguish
15 Second Front
16 Die Stille Vor Dem Ton
17 Sweety Sweety
18 Only You (Live)
19 Friend Of Stars
20 Second Voice
21 Love And Fingers
22 Nordhausen
23 My Warrior
24 Goodbye, Germany
25 Die Mitte
26 Body Nerv
27 When The Feet Hurt
28 The Sound Of Believer
29 Pray
30 Years
31 Over There
32 Save The Hate
33 Recover You
34 Hypnotize
35 Stand The Pain
36 Life Isn't Easy In Germany
37 Shining Star
38 Enjoy The Unknown
39 Military Fashion Show
40 It Happened Last Night
41 Only Your Dreams
42 Der Erste Schritt
43 Und Wenn
44 Men In Uniform
45 Und Doch
46 Hall Of Souls
47 Dancing In The Factory
48 Sexkeit
49 Movie Star
50 Tanz Der Arroganz
51 Monoton
52 Angel Eyes
53 Deutschmaschine
54 Love You To The End
55 Evil Boys
56 Exit
57 Seven
58 You Don't Love Me Anymore
59 Technoman
60 Creatures
61 Und Wieder
62 The Aim Is In Your Head
63 Deliverance
64 Loser
65 Body Company
66 Electrocution
67 Big In Japan (Live)
68 Pimmelmann
69 Crimetime
70 Murder Murder
71 Sex Drive
72 Virgin Superstar
73 Driving With My Darling
74 Metalhammer
75 Playing Dead
76 Wasted
77 Spontanverkehr
78 Take Some More
79 No Song For You
80 Life To Lose
81 Only One
82 Get You Closer
83 And I Love
84 True Faith (Live)
85 Wet Spot
86 Friends In Heaven
87 Techno Man
88 The Secret [Live]

And One Bio

And One is a German New Wave, synthpop and EBM band founded by Steve Naghavi and Chris Ruiz.

The band formed after Steve Naghavi and Chris Ruiz met in 1989 at a Berlin club. Being fans of early EBM music, Naghavi and Ruiz decided to follow in the footsteps of New Wave/synthpop band Depeche Mode by using two keyboards and a beatbox. Jason Ankeny of Allmusic called their 1990 single, "Metal Hammer", a "significant club hit". The duo became a trio with the addition of Alex Two, prior to the release of their debut album, Anguish in 1991. That same year, they were honored as the Best New Artist in Germany.

Going into the release of Anguish they had already garnered a decent following through touring and appearances at various parties. With their debut release they took home the "Best New Artist" award in Germany in 1991. Chris Ruiz left in 1992 (he would later return in 2001) while Steve Naghavi remained with the band. And One released three more albums with Machinery Records, Flop! (1992), Spot (1993) and I.S.T. (1994). The band left Machinery around 1996–1997 and signed to Virgin Schallplatten.