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Genre: Pop

Anastacia Lyrics - by Popularity

1 One More Chance
2 You'll Be Fine
3 Boom - The Official Song of 2002 FIFA World Cup
4 Absolutely Positively
5 Defeated
6 Same Song
7 Cowboys & Kisses
8 I Ask Of You
9 Pretty Little Dum Dum
10 Get Ready
11 Same Old Story
12 The Saddest Part
13 Wishing Well
14 I Thought I Told You That
15 Late Last Night
16 Baptise My Soul
17 Baptize My Soul
18 Welcome To My Truth
19 Overdue Goodbye
20 Love Is A Crime
21 Heavy Rotation
22 Sick And Tired
23 Cowboys And Kisses
24 Black Roses
25 All Fall Down
26 Wishing wwell
27 Maybe Today
28 Rearview
29 I Don't Want to Be the One
30 Take This Chance
31 Boom (Almighty Radio Edit)
32 Not That Kind
33 Who’s Gonna Stop the Rain
34 Respect (Live)
35 Underdog (Bonus Track)
36 Lifeline (Radio Edit)
37 Pendulum
38 One Day In Your Life - Live from VH1 Divas
39 Absolutely Positively (Moto Blanco remix)
40 I'm Outta Love
41 Play That Funky Music
42 Left Outside Alone, Pt. 2 (Bonus Track)
43 Sick & Tired
44 Left Outside Alone, Pt. 2
45 In Your Eyes
46 Oncoming Train
47 Superstar
48 Don'tcha Wanna
49 I’m Outta Love
50 I Belong To You
51 Resurrection (Bonus Track)
52 Pieces Of A Dream
53 Oncoming Train (Bonus Track)
54 Stay
55 What Can We Do (Deeper Love)
56 You’ll Never Be Alone
57 Naughty
58 Shoot 'em Up
59 Absolutely Positively (Radio Edit)
60 I Can Feel You
61 Staring at the Sun (Acapella)
62 Broken Wings
63 Sweet Child O'Mine
64 Freak of Nature
65 You'll Never Be Alone
66 Not That Kind (Ric Wake's Mix)
67 Left Outside Alone
68 Absolutely Positively (Moto Blanco Radio)
69 The Way I See It
70 Staring at the Sun (Instrumental)
71 I'm Out Of Love
72 Other Side of Crazy
73 Best of You
74 I Dreamed You
75 Why’d You Lie to Me
76 Left Outside Alone (Humble Brothers Remix Edit)
77 Let outside alone
78 Left Outside Alone (US Radio Edit)
79 Staring at the Sun (Digital Dog Club Mix)
80 Everything Burns
81 Resurrection
82 Ramble On
83 One Day in Your Life
84 Made for Lovin' You
85 Not That Kind (Maurice's Chicken Pox Club Mix)
86 I'm Outta Love (Matty’s Soulflower Mix)
87 Stupid Little Things (Radio Edit)
88 Absolutely Positively (Moto Blanco Remix)
89 You Can't Always Get What You Want
90 Yo Trippin
91 Boom
92 Don't Stop (Doin' It) (European version)
93 I Do
94 Not That Kind (LT's Not That Dub Mix)
95 In Summer
96 Stupid Little Things (Instrumental)
97 Some Day My Prince Will Come
98 One
99 Overdue Goodbye (Reprise)
100 Why'd You Lie to Me
101 Cowboy & Kisses
102 Heavy On My Heart
103 Not That Kind (Kerri Chandler Mix)
104 Left Outside Alone, Part 2
105 Stupid Little Things
106 Boom!
107 Back in Black
108 Paid My Dues
109 Who's Gonna Stop the Rain
110 Nothin' At All
111 Overdue Goodbye (Live from Japan, Sept 13, 2002)
112 Not That Kind (Maurice Joshua's Chickenpox Mix)
113 Dark White Girl
114 Trop Lourd Dans Mon Coeur
115 Dream On
116 Secrets
117 Don't Stop (Doin It)
118 One Day in Your Live
119 Time
120 I'm Outta Love (Matty's Soulflower mix)
121 I Call It Love
122 I Don‘t Want To Be the One
123 Everything Burns (with Ben Moody)
124 Use Somebody
125 Don't Cha Wanna
126 Made For Loving You
127 I Dreamed You (album version)
128 Seasons Change
129 Not That Kind (Kerri Chandler mix - radio edit)
130 Staring at the Sun
131 I Belong To You (El Ritmo De La Pasion) (with Eros Ramazzotti)
132 You Give Love a Bad Name
133 How Come the World Won't Stop
134 Why'd You Lie to Me? (M.A.S.H. Deep club)
135 One Day in Your Life (U.S. version)
136 Never Gonna Love Again
137 Lifeline
138 Left Outside Alone - US Album Version
139 Wonderwall
140 How Come the World Won’t Stop
141 Over due goodbye
142 Why'd You Lie to Me? (Kardinal Beats mix)
143 Where Do I Belong
144 One Day in Your Life (International version)
145 Evolution
146 Calling All Angels
147 Black Hole Sun
148 Love Is Alive
149 Don’tcha Wanna
150 Over due goodbye ( reprise )
151 Paid My Dues (album version)
152 Sick and Tired (Jason Nevins Funkrock remix)
153 Beautiful Messed Up World
154 Apology
155 Army of Me
156 Boom (Album Version)
157 Nothing At All
158 Don’t Stop (Doin’ It)
159 Love iis alive
160 Other Side of Crazy (Bonus Track)
161 Sexy Single
162 Sick and Tired (Jason Nevins Funk Rock remix)
163 Forever Luv

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Anastacia Bio

Anastacia (born Anastacia Lyn Newkirk on September 17, 1968) is a multi-platinum American singer and songwriter. Anastacia has been highly successful in Europe, Latin America, Oceania, Asia, South Africa and Australia but has not had as much success in her native United States. Despite the lack of American success, it was confirmed that by 2008 she has sold 50 million albums worlwide.

Anastacia is world renowned for her edgy, soulful voice and is famous for her ability to hit powerful notes in a full voice range well into Soprano tessituras. Her small stature (160 cm or 5'3") has also led to her being nicknamed "The Little Lady with The Big Voice". She was also known for her trademark glasses (often darkly tinted), but she had surgery to correct her vision permanently in August 2005.

She made headlines when diagnosed in 2003 with breast cancer. On April 21, 2007 she married her bodyguard of three years, Wayne Newton, in Mexico.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anastacia