Amen Lyrics

Genre: Electronic

Amen Lyrics - by Popularity

1 No Cure for the Pure
2 Safety In Suicide
3 Justified
4 CK Killer
5 Dead On The Bible
6 Coma America
7 Neutron Liars
8 Excommunicamus
9 Piss Virus
10 Like You Burn
11 Shut Up!
12 Whores Of Hollywood
13 Valley Of The Dogs
14 i loved u
15 Money Infection
16 Passion (Running Through My Veins) [UK Radio Edit]
17 A Message To The Masses
18 Decir Adios
19 Please Kill Me
20 Bleed To Know
21 Fin Del Tiempo
22 Coma America - Single Version
23 Broken Design
24 Burning Rubber
25 Here's The Poison
26 Fuck In LA
27 Coma America (Live)
28 Celebrate Annhilation
29 In Your Suit
30 Refuse Amen (Live)
31 Down Human
32 Oblivion Stereo
33 Justified (Live) [From "The Waiting 18"]
34 Drive
35 Freak Down
36 May Day
37 Westwood Fallout
38 Piss Virus (Live)
39 Everything Is Untrue
40 Jitterbug #9
41 Exterminate!
42 Buy American (Live)
43 Fevered
44 L.a. Decorum
45 Refuse Amen
46 We Got the Bait
47 Whores of Hollywood (Live)
48 I Don't Sleep
49 Take My Head
50 Bring Me the Heads
51 The Waiting 18 (Live)
52 Monkey
53 The Price Of Reality
54 Mayday
55 Mayday (Live)
56 Private
57 Operate
58 The Waiting 18
59 Sorry, Not Sorry
60 Gun of a Preacherman (Live)
61 Resignation / Naked and Violent
62 Too Hard To Be Free
63 The Abolishment of Luxury
64 Ck Killer (Live)
65 The Last Time
66 TV Womb
67 Under The Robe
68 California's Bleeding
69 The Price of Reality (Live)
70 Unclean
71 Slave
72 Ungrateful Dead
73 Hello (One Chord Lovers)
74 Under the Robe (Live)
75 When a Man Dies a Woman
76 This Drained Divine
77 Buy American
78 The Summer Of Guns
79 Here's the Poison (Live)

Amen Bio

Amen is a hardcore punk-influenced band, they formed in 1994, continuing on today.

The band has an almost constantly rotating lineup, with founder Casey Chaos remaining as the only constant member throughout. Chaos writes all the music and lyrics, and performs all vocals and instruments (bar drums, since the album Amen) for studio recordings.

They are particularly popular in the United Kingdom and have previously been voted "Overall Best Band in the World" and "Best Live Band in the World" by readers of Metal Hammer magazine. Amen is known for their live shows and singles "Coma America," "Price of Reality" and "California's Bleeding." Casey Chaos also received a Grammy for co-writing the best Hard Rock song of the year. He also recently fronted the Damned at their 30th anniversary show in London at the 100 club. A CD and DVD of the show is rumoured for release this year.

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