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Genre: Rock

Ambrosia Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Lover Arrive
2 I Wanna Know
3 Shape I'm In
4 Apothecary
5 Dancin' by Myself
6 How Can You Love Me
7 Holding Onto Yesterday
8 I Just Can't Let Go
9 Biggest Part Of Me - Ambrosia
10 Life Beyond L.A.
11 Livin' On My Own
12 World Leave Me Alone
13 Feelin' Alive Again
14 You're The Only Woman (you & I)
15 You're The Only Woman (You & I) (Remastered Version)
16 Nice, Nice, Very Nice - Live Version
17 Biggest Part of Me (Live)
18 Angola
19 Fool Like Me
20 Biggest Part of Me (Re-Recorded / Remastered)
21 Biggest Part Of Me
22 Time Waits For No One (Live)
23 For Openers (welcome Home)
24 Holdin' On To Yesterday (Live)
25 Nice, Nice, Very Nice (Live)
26 The Biggest Part of Me (Re-Recorded / Remastered)
27 Art Beware
28 Biggest Part Of Me (Soul Hooligan Remix)
29 Holdin' On To Yesterday
30 Livin' On My Own (Live)
31 Time Waits for No One (LP Version)
32 Ice Age
33 Heart To Heart
34 You're the Only Woman (Live)
35 Cryin' In the Rain (Remastered)
36 If Heaven Could Find Me
37 Kid No More
38 Rock in a Hard Place
39 Cowboy Star - Edit
40 Mama Don't Understand (Live)
41 Holdin' On to Yesterday (Single Version)
42 Not As You Were
43 Still Not Satisfied
44 Mama Don't Understand
45 How Much I Feel
46 In My Life (Live)
47 For Openers (Welcome Home) [Remastered]
48 Ready for Camarillo
49 Can't Let a Woman
50 Sky Is Falling
51 Nice, Nice, Very Nice
52 Drink of Water (Live)
53 Nice, Nice, Very Nice (Single Version)
54 Cryin' in the Rain
55 Cowboy Star
56 Living On My Own
57 Time Waits For No One
58 Biggest Part of Me (Masterpiece Armand Van Helden Edit)
59 Kamikaze
60 Danse with Me George
61 In My Life
62 How Much I Feel (Remastered Version)
63 And... Somewhere I've Never Traveled
64 Harvey
65 How Much I Feel (Remastered)
66 Biggest Part Of Me - Remastered Version
67 That's How Much I Feel
68 No Big Deal
69 Biggest Part of Me (Remastered)
70 We Need You Too
71 The Biggest Part of Me (Re-Recorded)
72 Drink of Water
73 Ready
74 Runnin' Away
75 How Can You Love Me (Remastered)
76 And...
77 Somewhere I've Never Travelled
78 Rock N' A Hard Place
79 The Brunt
80 Life Beyond L.A. (Remastered)
81 Danse With Me George - Chopin's Plea
82 Your'e the Only Woman
83 Make Us All Aware
84 Baby Come Back
85 You're the Only Woman (You & I) [Remastered]
86 Biggest Part Of Me - Live Version
87 You're the Only Woman
88 Mama Frog
89 Endings
90 Magical Mystery Tour
91 Magical Mystery Tour (Live)
92 Holdin' On To Yesterday - Live Version
93 You're The Only Woman (You & I) (Live)

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Ambrosia Bio

Ambrosia is a musical group formed in the Los Angeles area during the early 1970s.

The members of Ambrosia decided on the moniker in 1970 to represent a vision of their music: all shades, textures, colors and styles. While many people are familiar with Ambrosia's radio hits of the 1970s, the songs on their five albums range from progressive to experimental.

The founding constituents of Ambrosia were reared in Southern California in the area known as The South Bay, later adopting San Pedro as their hometown. Their initial musical influences, like many of their generation, came from The Beach Boys and The Beatles. Ambrosia fused symphonic art rock with a slick produced pop sound.

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