Amber Pacific Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Amber Pacific Lyrics - by Popularity

1 The Right Place At The Wrong Time (EP)
2 Summer (In B)
3 Undone (Feat. Mike Hererra)
4 Safe for Now
5 Take Me from This Place
6 Temporary
7 Next To Me (Feat. Darianne Wes
8 I’ll Beat the Odds
9 Video Killed The Radio Star
10 You're Only Young Once
11 Undone (feat. Mike Herrera)
12 Don’t Let It Fall Through
13 An Anthem For The Young At Heart
14 Living Proof
15 When I Found You (feat. Alex Gaskarth)
16 You Get What You Get
17 The Girl Who Destroys
18 Follow Your Dreams, Forget The Scene
19 Next to Me (feat. Darianne Westcott)
20 Who You Are
21 Three Words
22 Fall Back Into My Life
23 Next to Me
24 Would You?
25 Shine
26 We Think We're Hardcore, 'Cause Well, We Are
27 Dear ____, This Has Always Been About Standing Up For What You Believe In...
28 When I Found You (Acoustic)
29 What Matters Most
30 Runaway
31 Poetically Pathetic (acoustic)
32 I'll Beat the Odds (Acoustic)
33 Conviction
34 Watching Over Me
35 Fall Back Into My Life (Acoustic)
36 Who You Are (Acoustic)
37 The Good Life
38 For What Its Worth [Acoustic]
39 Living Proof (Acoustic)
40 When I Found You (Alternate)
41 The Best Mistake
42 Always You
43 Watching Over Me (Acoustic)
44 Here We Stand
45 We Can't Fake This
46 The Last Time
47 Leaving What You Wanted (B-Side)
48 Thoughts Before Me
49 Burdens Of The Past
50 Letters of Regret
51 Falling Away (Demo)
52 Gone So Young
53 Something To Be Said
54 Everything We Were Has Become What We Are
55 Poetically Pathetic (Acoustic Version)
56 The Good Life (EP)
57 Forever
58 Leaving What You Wanted
59 Always You (Good Times) (Acoustic)
60 Don't Let It Fall Through (EP)
61 Rule #76
62 The Sky Could Fall Tonight
63 Young Love