Amber Lyrics

Genre: Pop

Amber Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Can You Feel The Love
2 Move Your Body
3 The Need To Be Naked (Remix)
4 This Is the Right Time
5 Above The Clouds
6 If You Could Read My Mind
7 Sex And The City
8 Don't Say Goodbye
9 Dirty Thoughts
10 Object Of Your Desire
11 Spiritual Virginity
12 I Found Myself In You
13 How Can I Tell You?
14 Colour Of Love
15 Yes
16 Love One Another
17 Yes!
18 SHAKE THAT BRASS (feat. Taeyeon)
19 Sexual (Li Da Di)[Afterlife Chillout Remix]
20 Anyway (Men Are From Mars)
21 Let's Do It for Love
22 I Just Wanna (feat. Eric Nam)
23 Sexual (Li da di) (original radio edit)
24 You're Sent From Heaven
25 Children
26 How Can I Tell?
27 Warrior - Eurovision 2015 - Malta
28 Sexual (Li da di) (Thunderpuss 2000)
29 He
30 Here
31 A Little Bit Of Ecstasy
32 Kings Like Us
33 Sexual (li da di) [Prelife Ambient Mix]
34 Riverside
35 Colour Of Love (House Mix)
36 Lost
37 Sexual (La Da Di) (Afterlife Chillout Remix)
38 Sandman
39 Colour Of Love (Mousset T Remix)
40 Silent Lies
41 Kembot
42 Heavenly Proximity
43 Three Roses
44 Space Album
45 This Is Your Night
46 Voodoo (Orangefuzz Magical Anthem radio edit)
47 If There Would Be No Tomorrow
48 Yes! (HQ2 Mix)
49 The Story
50 Sexual (Li Da Di) - Afterlife Chillout Remix
51 Yes (HQ2 Remix)
52 The Need to Be Naked (Thunderpuss Mix)
53 Waves of Grain
54 You Move Me ((Hi NRG Radio Edit))
55 Need To Feel Needed
56 You Move Me ((Vienna Summer Edit))
57 If I'm Not The One
58 The Smile Of My Child
59 Don't Wanna Stop
60 This Is Your Night - Original Edit
61 Just Like That
62 One More Night
63 Anyway (Men Are From Mars) - Chris Cox Radio Edit
65 Sexual (Li Da Di)
66 You Are The One
67 Whatever
68 In My Arms
69 Above the Clouds (Studio 54 Mix)
70 Warrior
71 Voodoo (Orangefuzzz Magical Anthem Radio Edit)
72 I'm Free
73 311
74 Warrior (Karaoke Version)
75 Without You
76 Hold My Body Tight
77 Borders
78 For Better or Worse
79 The Need to Be Naked

Amber Bio

Marie-Claire "Amber" Cremers (born May 9, 1970, Ubbergen, Gelderland, Netherlands) is a Dutch-German singer, songwriter, label owner and executive producer. She is best known for her hits "This Is Your Night," "If You Could Read My Mind," and "Sexual (Li Da Di)."

Amber's music career took off when one of her demos, "This Is Your Night" gained interest from Tommy Boy Records. Soon after its release as a single, it became one of the most successful songs of 1996 and 1997. A full length album soon followed. It included two more hit singles, "Colour Of Love" and "One More Night."

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