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Genre: Rock

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The Amazing Rhythm Aces are an American music group. The band has characterized their music as "American Music" or "Roots Music" — rock, country, blues, R&B, folk, reggae and Latino. While they are best known for their 1970s hit "Third Rate Romance", to their small but fanatical fan base they are far from "one hit wonders"; releasing 18 albums over 30 years including a 15 year hiatus. Their music is distinguished by its eclectic scope, literate--often quirky--lyrics, and distinctive vocals by lead singer/songwriter Russell Smith.

The Aces were first a local band in Knoxville, Tennessee in the late 1960s-early 1970s although they went by another name "Fatback". The band consisted of founding members Russell Smith, Jeff 'Stick' Davis, and Butch McDade. They left Knoxville for greener pastures in the early seventies.

The Aces came together in Memphis, Tennessee in 1972, first with bassist Jeff Davis and drummer Butch McDade, who had recorded and toured with singer-songwriter Jesse Winchester. Davis and McDade recruited vocalist/guitarist Russell Smith, keyboardist Billy Earhart III, lead guitar, multi-instrumentalist, Barry 'Byrd' Burton,who died in 2008 and pianist James Hooker to develop a sound mixing pop, country and blue-eyed soul.


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