Allister Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Allister Lyrics - by Popularity

1 The One That Got Away
2 Stuck
3 Fraggle Rock
4 I Want It That Way
5 It's Just Me
6 Balance
7 Timing
8 Boysenberry
9 Don't Think Twice
10 Fraggle Rawk
11 Overrated
12 A Lotta Nerve
13 Shimanchu Nu Takara
14 Perfect Harmony
15 Freshman Girl
16 Pictures
17 Sakura
18 From the Ground Up
19 Crazy World
20 Run Away
21 Friday Night
22 Racecars
23 Waiting
24 Blackout
25 Lil Scottie For Xmas
26 Tethered to the Wall
27 I Told You So
28 Radio Player
29 You Lied
30 Rewind
31 A Study of Economics
32 Residential Burglary
33 Start Somewhere
34 A Study in Economics
35 Dance With Me
36 Scratch
37 Tokyo Sunrise
38 Suffocation
39 Somewhere Down In Fullterton (Unreleased version)
40 Jacob
41 Somewhere Down In Fullerton
42 Diamond Ring
43 Easy Answers
44 5 Years
45 Jacob Thinks I'm Gay
46 Somewhere on Fullerton
47 Yearbook
48 The Legend of Pegleg Sullivan
49 A Thousand Miles Away
50 I Want You Back
51 Jimmy's Dreamgirl
52 Free
53 Potential Suicide
54 Haley
55 Joy Boy
56 Know It All
57 Breathe For You
58 Alone
59 Stuck Powered On
60 Better Late Than Forever
61 Love Song
62 Make It Work
63 Intro
64 Drive
65 Matchsticks
66 Waiting for You
67 Can't Let Go
68 Cherry
69 Pretty Damn Close
70 Camouflage
71 Miz
72 Westbound
73 Failure
74 To Be with You
75 Tehered to the Wall
76 Chasing Amy
77 Moon Lake Village
78 X-girlfriend
79 Runaway
80 Tsunami
81 Something Better
82 Moper
83 D2
84 All We Needed
85 I Saw Her Standing There
86 If You Didn't Mean It
87 Flypaper
88 None of My Friends Are Punks
89 We Close Our Eyes
90 2 Am
91 Heaven Is a Place on Earth
92 Live Fast Die Young

Allister Bio

Allister was a pop punk band from Chicago, Illinois. The four-piece formed in 1996 and were one of the first bands to sign to Drive-Thru Records. Besides releasing three studio albums — 1999's Dead Ends and Girlfriends, 2002's Last Stop Suburbia, and 2005's Before the Blackout — Allister made a cameo appearance in the 2004 film Sleepover. On March 6, 2007, the band announced their intention to go on hiatus.

Allister was formed in Chicago, Illinois under their original name Phineas Gage by high school (James B. Conant H.S.) classmates John Hamada (vocals/guitar) and Tim Rogner (vocals/drums) with Eric "Skippy" Mueller (bass) in 1996. The following year, they changed their name to Allister, paying homage to Alasdair Gillis from the Canadian TV show You Can't Do That on Television. Upon being submitted a short demo tape, Drive-Thru Records decided to put out their debut release: a 7 inch vinyl record containing four songs, titled You Can't Do that on Vinyl (1998). Before the end of the year, Allister added another guitarist to the band, so Mueller took over guitar duties while Scott Murphy joined on bass.

In 2008, Scott Murphy recorded his solo EP entitled Guilty Pleasures II as a continuation of the band's past work. The album contains a number of Japanese and English cover-songs. The very popular song 'Voyage', by Japanese megastar Ayumi Hamasaki was also included.

Since 2005, former Allister bassist/guitarist Eric Mueller has written a popular MP3 blog called Can You See the Sunset.

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