Allison Moorer Lyrics

Genre: Country

Allison Moorer Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Mark My Word
2 Best That I Can Do
3 Daddy Goodbye Blues
4 Is Heaven Good Enough for You
5 Dancing Barefoot
6 Pardon Me
7 Orphan Train
8 Bring Me All Your Lovin'
9 Where Is My Love
10 Send Down an Angel
11 A Soft Place to Fall
12 Ring Of Fire
13 Long Black Train
14 Up This High
15 I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl
16 The One That Got Away (Got Away with My Heart)
17 Dying Breed
18 Is It Worth It
19 When Will You Ever Come Down
20 Alabama Song
21 No Next Time
22 No Place for a Heart
23 Believe You Me
24 Mockingbird
25 The Broken Girl
26 Once Upon A Time She Said
27 Back of My Mind
28 Tumbling Down
29 Should I Be Concerned
30 Some Days
31 Have You Ever Seen the Rain?
32 When You Wake Up Feeling Bad
33 The Broken Girl (Acoustic)
34 Gonna Get It Wrong
35 Yessirree
36 Go, Leave
37 Easy In The Summertime
38 Sorrow (Don't Come Around) (Acoustic)
39 Don't Cry No Tears - 2003/Live At 12th & Porter/Edited
40 Set You Free
41 The Hardest Part
42 Revelator
43 The Stars And I (Mama's Song)
44 Fairweather
45 Let Go - Live (2003/12th & Porter)
46 Tell Me Baby
47 Day You Said Goodbye
48 Both Sides Now
49 Still This Side Of Gone
50 Melancholy Polly
51 I'll Break Before I Bend - Live (2003/12th & Porter)
52 It's Time I Tried
53 Like The Rain
54 Like It Used to Be
55 Is Heaven Good Enough For You - 2003/Live At 12th & Porter/Edited
56 Can't Get There from Here
57 She Knows Where She Goes
58 Sorrow (Don't Come Around)
59 Thunderstorm / Hurricane
60 Don't Cry No Tears (Live) (2003/Live At 12th & Porter/Edited)
61 Cold in California
62 Think It Over
63 It's Gonna Feel Good (When It Stops Hurting)
64 I Lost My Crystal Ball
65 Let Go (Live) (Live (2003/12th & Porter))
66 I'm Looking For Blue Eyes
67 Crows
68 Down to Believing
69 I'll Break Before I Bend (Live) (Live (2003/12th & Porter))
70 Going Down
71 Is Heaven Good Enough For You (2003)
72 Don't Cry No Tears
73 Tear Me Apart
74 Is Heaven Good Enough for You (Live) (2003/Live At 12th & Porter/Edited)
75 Hey Jezebel
76 Soft Place To Fall
77 If I Were Stronger
78 Thunderstorm/Hurricane
79 Let Go
80 I Ain't The One
81 I'll Break Before I Bend
82 Wish I
83 I’m Doing Fine
84 Feeling That Feeling Again
85 Abalone Sky
86 Moonshiner
87 Blood
88 Call My Name
89 Goodbye To The Ground (live, 90.5 The NIGHT, 2010-02-01: Lincroft, New Jersey)
90 Cold Cold Earth
91 Goodbye To The Ground
92 Mama Let the Wolf In
93 Easier to Forget
94 Ruby Jewel Was Here
95 Just Another Fool
96 Baby Dreamer
97 I'm Doing Fine
98 I Found A Letter
99 Steal the Sun

Allison Moorer Bio

Allison Moorer (born June 21, 1972) is a Grammy and Academy Award nominated American alternative country singer and the younger sister of Shelby Lynne. She signed to MCA Nashville in 1998 and made her debut on the U.S. Billboard country charts with the release of her debut single "A Soft Place To Fall", which reached #73 on the charts.

Since the release of her debut album Alabama Song, she released seven albums and eleven singles, five of which reached positions on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

Allison was raised in Frankville, Alabama, just north of Mobile. Raised on George Jones and Tammy Wynette, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash and Emmylou Harris, she sang harmonies as a toddler, eventually thinking she'd make a career of it. Following the murder-suicide of her parents in 1986, she moved into her aunt and uncle's home.

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