Genre: Pop

ALL SAINTS Lyrics - by Popularity

1 All Hooked Up
2 I Know Where It's At
3 Let's Get Started
4 Black Coffee
5 Trapped
6 Always Something There To Remind Me
7 Saints & Sinners
8 What Happened Here?
9 Pure Shores
10 Never Ever
11 Take the Key
12 Ha Ha
13 How Long Can You Go
14 Surrender
15 Alone
16 If You Don't Know What I Know
17 Saints And Sinners
18 If You Want To Party (I Found Lovin')
19 I Know Where It's At (Cutfather and Jo's alternativ mix - radio)
20 No More Lies
21 Neverever
22 Pure Shores (Live)
23 If You Want To Party - I Found Lovin' * *Formerly Known As 'Let'S Get Started'
24 One More Tequilla
25 Rock Steady
26 Back In Your Face
27 Pure Shores - Radio Edit
28 All Hooked Up (K-Gee Remix Edit)
29 Lady Marmalade
30 Chick Fit
31 Full Of Respect
32 This Is A War - Paul Morrell Radio Edit
33 I Know Where It's At (K-Gee's Bounce Mix)
34 Fundamental
35 I Need You
36 Never Ever - All Star Remix edited for 90 Club Hits of the 90's
37 I Know Where It's At (Colour System Inc. Vox)
38 Hell No
39 Final Tick On The List
40 One Woman Man
41 Rock Steady (Junkyard Mix)
42 Distance
43 Not Eazy
44 Tick On
45 Make U Love Me
46 Chick Fit (Single Edit)
47 Under the Bridge
48 War of Nerves
49 Dreams
50 On And On
51 Pure Shores (From ''The Beach'')
52 Summer Rain
53 Rock Steady (K-Gee Reggae Bounce Remix)
54 Scar
55 Never Ever (Booker T's Up North Dub)
56 This Is a War
57 Rock Steady (Instrumental)
58 Black Coffe
59 I Feel You
60 Too Nasty
61 Flashback
62 Who Hurt Who
63 I Know Where It's At (original radio mix)
64 Get Bizzy
65 Ready, Willing And Able
66 In It To Win It
67 Puppet on a String
68 I Know Where Its At (Original Radio Mix)
69 I Know Where It's At (Booker T's vocal mix)
70 Get Down
71 Your Secret
72 Headlock
73 Fear
74 Rock Steady (Calvin Harris Remix)
75 I Don't Wanna Be Alone
76 Looking For You
77 One Me And U
78 Ratchet Behaviour
79 Black Coffee (Wideboys Espresso mix)
80 Whoopin' Over You
81 She Loves It
82 Never Ever (Nice Hat Mix)
83 Red Flag
84 Beg
85 I Know Where It's At (Radio Mix)
86 Inside
87 Love Is Love
88 Back Then
89 Lady Marmalade (98 Remix)
90 Tribal
91 Bootie Call
92 I Know Where Its At (Radio Mix)
93 I Remember
94 Single
95 Twenty four seven
96 Pieces
97 Heaven
98 Whooping Over You
99 Pures Shores
100 Rock My World
101 TwentyFourSeven (Artful Dodger) (feat. Melanie Blatt)
102 One Strike


All Saints were an all-female English vocal group. Founded at the end of 1993 as All Saints, the group consisted of founding members Melanie Blatt and Shaznay Lewis, and sisters Nicole Appleton and Natalie Appleton. They became one of the most successful British pop groups of the 1990s, with 9 Top 10 singles (including five number ones), two platinum albums (including a number one), two gold albums and record sales in excess of 10 million worldwide.

Both Melanie Blatt and Shaznay Lewis started their career by singing backing vocals at Sarm West Studios, the ZTT recording studios near All Saints Road, London. In 1993 Blatt, Lewis and the original third member Simone Rainford decided to record together and chose to call themselves All Saints after the street where they met and their year of birth. They were signed to ZTT Records.

In 1994, All Saints performed for their first time at the Touch Magazine stage at the Notting Hill Carnival. They released two singles together, but they were not successful. Additionally, Rainford and Blatt had conflicting visions of the band's musical direction which caused tensions in the band.

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