All About Eve Lyrics

Genre: Rock

All About Eve Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Touched By Jesus
2 All Of Our Faces
3 Dream Butcher
4 I Don't Know
5 No Eden
6 Farewell Mr. Sorrow
7 The Dreamer
8 Silver Song (simonds)
9 Dream Now
10 Gypsy Dance
11 Martha's Harbor
12 Never Promise (Anyone Forever)
13 Frida Of Blood And Gold
14 See Emily Play (pink Floyd)
15 More Than The Blues
16 Pieces Of Our Heart
17 Devil Woman (britten)
18 Outshine The Sun
19 Dive In
20 Our Summer
21 Paradise
22 Drowning
23 Road To Damascus
24 Will You Surrender
25 Share It With Me
26 Yesterday Goodbye
27 What Kind Of Fool
28 Elizabeth Of Glass
29 Road To Your Soul
30 Blind Lemon Sam
31 Strange Way
32 The Pearl Fisherman
33 Wild Hearted Woman
34 End Of The Day
35 Say We'll Never (heaven)
36 Apple Tree Man
37 Love Her For That
38 All The Rings 'round Saturn
39 Forever
40 Scarlet
41 Gold and Silver
42 The Mystery We Are
43 Every Angel
44 Angel
45 Hard Spaniard
46 Flowers In Our Hair
47 Another Door
48 It's All Too Much (lennon / Mccartney)
49 Set Sail
50 Wishing The Hours Away
51 Ascent Descent
52 Let Me Entertain You
53 Only One Reason
54 Blindfolded Visionary
55 In The Clouds
56 Calling Your Name
57 Light As A Feather
58 Suppertime
59 In The Meadow
60 Candy Tree
61 Love Leads Nowhere
62 Theft
63 The Empty Dancehall
64 Freeze
65 Lady Moonlight
66 December
67 Moodswing
68 The Garden Of Jane Delawney (bias Boshell)
69 The Pearl Fishermen
70 Like Emily
71 More Than This Hour
72 The Witch's Promise (ian Anderson)
73 Tuesday's Child
74 Infrared
75 D For Desire
76 Understand
77 Are You Lonely
78 Mine
79 Martha's Harbour
80 Different Sky
81 Nothing Without You
82 Where Will You Find It
83 White Horses
84 Hide Child
85 Phased
86 Shelter From The Rain
87 Don't Follow Me (march Hare)
88 Our Summer (incomplete)
89 Wild Flowers
90 Ravens
91 Some Finer Day
92 She Moves Through The Fair
93 Drawn To Earth
94 Will I Start To Bleed
95 Rhythm Of Life
96 Things He Told Her
97 She Moves Through The Fair (version)

All About Eve Bio

All About Eve are a British rock/pop band. The creative core consists of Coventry-born Julianne Regan (vocals) and Andy Cousin (bass guitar), with other members changing over the years.

Julianne Regan, a former journalist, played bass in an early line-up of Gothic rock group Gene Loves Jezebel before leaving to join All About Eve, previously known as the Swarm. The initial core of All About Eve was Regan, guitarist Tim Bricheno, and bassist Andy Cousin from Aemotti Crii. As a three-piece (plus a drum machine), they released a series of independent singles in the mid 1980s including "D for Desire", "In the Clouds" and "Flowers In Our Hair". After Regan sang backing vocals for The Mission's God's Own Medicine album, the band received greater attention and were signed to Phonogram. Drummer Mark Price was added around this time.

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