Alien Ant Farm Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Alien Ant Farm Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Smooth Criminal
2 Calico
3 Good (For A Woman)
4 Whisper
5 Glow
6 Denigrate
7 Attitude
8 Pink Tea
9 These Days
10 Movies
11 Sticks And Stones
12 Stranded
13 Fles hand bone
14 Smooth Criminal (live in Denver)
15 High On The Horizon (Demo)
16 Forgive & Forget (acoustic)
17 Smooth Criminal (Re-Recorded) [Re-Remastered]
18 Wish
19 Quiet
20 Dirty Bomb
21 S.S. Recognize
22 Smooth Criminal (Re-Recorded)
23 Goodbye
24 Simpatico
25 Smooth Criminal (Live Version)
26 Smooth Criminal (Edi)
27 Dole Roll
28 Sarah Wynn
29 Let 'Em Know
30 Movies (Live Version)
31 Better Weather
32 Nova Hands
33 1000 Days
34 Little Things (Physical)
35 Attitude (Acoustic Live Version (WAQC)
36 Dirty Bomb
37 Courage
38 Never Meant
39 Burning
40 Universe (Live Version)
41 Stranded (Acoustic Version)
42 Let Em Know
43 Death Day
44 Solution Time
45 Tia Lupe
46 Godlike
47 Movies (Live Acoustic Version (KROC))
48 Homage
49 Flesh And Bone
50 Repeat Defender
51 American Pie
52 Bug Bytes (Live In Madison Version)
53 Happy Death Day
54 Bug Bites
55 Our Time
56 Forgive & Forget (Edited Version)
57 Smooth Criminal (Short Funny Version)
58 Hope
59 Sidelines
60 Pink Tea (Remix)
61 Orange Appeal
62 Bug Bytes
63 Drifting Apart
64 Better Weather
65 SS Recognize
66 Rubber Mallet
67 Bad Morning
68 Homage
69 Movies (live acoustic version)
70 Good (For A Women)
71 Getting Closer
72 Yellow Pages
73 Smooth Criminal (Die Krupps Remix)
74 Orange Appeal(bonus Track)
75 It Could Happen
76 Crazy Love
77 Smooth Criminal (From "American Pie 2") [Re-Recorded] [Remastered]
78 Summer
79 Quite
80 Sticks And Stones - Live/Denver Version
81 Smooth Criminal (Re-Recorded) [Remastered]
82 Universe
83 Bug bites (ost. spider-man)
84 San Sebastian
85 Glow (acoustic)

Alien Ant Farm Bio

Alien Ant Farm is an American alternative rock band that formed in the southern California city of Riverside in 1995. Their name comes from an idea original guitarist Terry Corso had about aliens and the earth--"I was daydreaming at my dull desk job with my feet up, and I thought to myself, 'Wouldn't it be cool if the human species were placed on earth and cultivated by alien intelligence?' Maybe the aliens added us to an atmosphere that was suitable for us, and they've been watching us develop and colonize, kind of like what a kid does with an ant farm."

In the late 1990s, Alien Ant Farm released their underground debut album, titled Greatest Hits. It went on to win Best Independent Album in the L.A. Music Awards.

In 2000, after forging a friendship with the alternative rock band Papa Roach, Alien Ant Farm signed with DreamWorks SKG for their first studio album, ANThology.

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