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Genre: Pop

Alcazar Bio

Alcazar is a Swedish eurodance group which has established themselves as one of Sweden's most successful music groups with a string of hits since their debut single in 1999. Worldwide Alcazar had sold records over 12 million between 2001 and 2004. Alcazar have also had success around the world with their song "Crying at the Discoteque", having charted in countries such as USA, Brazil, Australia, Japan and most countries in Europe.

The group formed in 1998 with three members: Andreas Lundstedt, Tess Merkel (born Therese Merkel, 18 April 1970, Nykoping, Sweden), and Annika Kjærgaard (born 18 May 1971, Bjarnum, Sweden). Their first single, "Shine On", was a hit in Sweden, but it was with their second release, "Crying at the Discoteque" (which heavily sampled Sheila B. Devotion's 1979 hit "Spacer") they achieved success across Europe. Both singles appeared on their debut album, Casino. Later editions of Casino contained a cover of The Human League's hit "Don't You Want Me" which also served as the third single off the album. In the United States, Alcazar gained moderate success.

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