Alarm, The Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Alarm, The Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Happy Christmas (war Is Over)
2 Across The Border (live Kbfh)
3 Eye Of The Hurricane
4 Devolution Working Man Blues(session)
5 We Are The Light.
6 Newtown Jericho
7 Blaze Of Glory.
8 Change II
9 Dawn Chorus
10 Shout To The Devil
11 Blaze Of Glory (live Kbfh)
12 The Day The Ravens Left The Tower
13 Let The River Run Its Course
14 How The Mighty Fall
15 Raw
16 New South Wales
17 The Stand (prophecy)
18 Marching On (live Kbfh)
19 The Wind Blows Away My Words
20 Scarlet
21 Hallowed Ground
22 The Stand (live Kbfh)
23 Strength
24 Black Sun
25 Only Love Can Set Me Free
26 Rain In The Summertime.
27 Shelter
28 Father To Son
29 Love Don't Come Easy
30 The Deceiver
31 Deceiver (live Kbfh)
32 Rockin' In The Freeworld
33 Only The Thunder
34 For Freedom (live Kbfh)
35 Save Your Crying
36 No Frontiers
37 Third Light
38 Marching On
39 Prison Without Prison Bars
40 Reason 41 (live Kbfh)
41 Wonderful World
42 Bonus Interview
43 Rivers To Cross
44 Where Were You Hiding When The Storm Broke ?
45 Sixty Eight Guns (live Kbfh)
46 Absolute Reality
47 Presence Of Love
48 Tell Me (live Kbfh)
49 Devolution Working Man Blues
50 Walk Forever By My Side
51 Sold Me Down The River.
52 The Rock
53 Third Light (live Kbfh)
54 Spirit Of 76
55 Where A Town Once Stood
56 One Step Closer To Home
57 Unsafe Building (live Kbfh)
58 Up For Murder (live Kbfh)
59 The Road
60 Breaking Point
61 Declaration
62 Permanence In Change
63 God Save Somebody
64 The Stand
65 Change I
66 Howling Wind
67 Hell Or Highwater
68 Unsafe Building
69 Marching On (in Album Declaration)
70 Rescue Me.
71 Lead Me Through The Darkness
72 Corridors Of Power
73 Deeside
74 Sixty Eight Guns.
75 Moments In Time
76 Hardland
77 Tell Me
78 Knife Edge

Alarm, The Bio

The Alarm are an alternative rock band that emerged from North Wales in the late 1970s. They started as a Mod band and stayed together for over ten years. Unusually for a rock band, they displayed marked influences from Welsh language and culture. By opening for acts such as U2 and Bob Dylan, they became a popular alternative rock band of the 1980s, retaining a small but loyal following to the present day.

A punk band was formed in Rhyl, Wales in 1977, billed as The Toilets. It contained Peters, Sharp, Macdonald and Twist, and in 1978 their name was changed to Seventeen. Seventeen were a mod band who released a single ("Don't Let Go" / "Bank Holiday Weekend") in March 1980. They also toured with the Stray Cats that year. They played their last concert together under the new name of Alarm Alarm, but this would also be the last time this name was used.

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