Alan Parson Project, The Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Alan Parson Project, The Lyrics - by Popularity

1 The Voice
2 The Fall Of The House Of Usher
3 Little Hans
4 Days Are Numbers (the Traveller)
5 Too Close To The Sun
6 Eye In The Sky
7 The Three Of Me
8 Sects Therapy
9 Nothing Left To Lose
10 The Same Old Sun
11 Vulture Culture
12 Blown By The Wind
13 Snake Eyes
14 The Ace Of Swords
15 Silence And I
16 Light Of The World
17 Separate Lives
18 Take The Money And Run
19 In The Lap Of The Gods
20 Games People Play
21 I Don't Wanna Go Home
22 Children Of The Moon
23 Apollo (instrumental)
24 Shadow Of A Lonely Man
25 The Eagle Will Rise Again
26 There But For The Grace Of God
27 The Ring
28 Brother Up In Heaven
29 Since The Last Goodbye
30 The Turn Of A Friendly Card (part 1)
31 Chinese Whispers
32 Fall Free
33 Inside Looking Out
34 Let's Talk About Me
35 Beyond The Pleasure Principle
36 Somebody Out There
37 Funny You Should Say That
38 Where's The Walrus
39 Let Yourself Go
40 Dancing On A High Wire
41 You Won't Be There
42 When
43 Pyramania
44 The Raven
45 (the System Of) Doctor Tarr And Professor Fether
46 Don't Answer Me
47 No One Can Love You Better Than Me
48 The Tell-tale Heart
49 Let Me Go Home
50 May Be A Price To Pay
51 To One Paradise
52 One Good Reason
53 Gemini
54 The Nirvana Principle
55 Blue Blue Sky I
56 Voyager
57 Back Against The Wall
58 Pipeline
59 Mammagamma
60 Blue Blue Sky Ii
61 What Goes Up...
62 Breakaway
63 Prime Time
64 Old And Wise
65 Beaujolais
66 Dreamscape
67 Psychobabble
68 Upper Me
69 Cloudbreak
70 I'm Talkin' To You
71 You Don't Believe
72 The Turn Of A Friendly Card (part 2)
73 Closer To Heaven
74 Jigue
75 Damned If I Do
76 Time
77 Sirius
78 I Can't Look Down
79 Limelight
80 Mr. Time
81 Don't Hold Back
82 Step By Step
83 La Sagrada Familia
84 One Day To Fly
85 Stereotomy
86 Oh Life (there Must Be More)
87 I'd Rather Be Man
88 Hawkeye
89 You're Gonna Get Your Fingers Burned
90 Money Talks
91 So Far Away
92 Stereotomy Two
93 Re-jigue
94 If I Could Change Your Mind
95 Paseo De Gracia
96 The Real World
97 Siren Song
98 Lucifer
99 Far Away From Home
100 Standing On Higher Ground
101 Can't Take It With You
102 Urbania
103 Secret Garden
104 Too Late
105 Hyper-gamma-spaces
106 Turn It Up
107 Winding Me Up
108 Sooner Or Later
109 I Am A Mirror
110 The Cask Of Amontillado
111 Ammonia Avenue
112 Wine From The Water
113 You Lie Down With Dogs
114 One More River

Alan Parson Project, The Bio

Alan Parsons (born 20 December 1948) is a British audio engineer, musician, and record producer. He was involved with the production of several significant albums, including The Beatles' Abbey Road and Let It Be, as well as Pink Floyd's The Dark Side of the Moon for which Pink Floyd credit him as an important contributor. Parsons' own group, The Alan Parsons Project, as well as his subsequent solo recordings, have also been successful commercially.

In October 1967, at age 18, Parsons went to work as an assistant engineer at Abbey Road Studios, where he earned his first credit on the LP, Abbey Road. He became a regular there, engineering such projects as Paul McCartney's Wild Life and Red Rose Speedway, five albums by The Hollies, and Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon, for which he received his first Grammy Award nomination. He was known for doing more than what would normally be considered the scope of a recording engineer’s duties. He considered himself to be a recording director, likening his contribution to recordings to what Stanley Kubrick contributed to film.