Akon Lyrics

Genre: R&B

Akon Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Trouble Nobody
2 Right Now (Na Na Na)
3 Pot Of Gold
4 Smack That
5 Beautiful
6 Miss Melody
7 Top Chef
8 I Wanna Love You [Explicit]
9 Keep Up
10 I'm So Paid
11 Holla Holla
12 Against The Grain
13 Angel
14 Ghetto
15 Sunny Day
16 We Don't Care
17 Lonely
18 Troublemaker
19 Drop Down Low
20 Angel (Single)
21 Birthmark
22 Locked Up
23 Be With You
24 Belly Dancer (Bananza)
25 Keep You Much Longer
26 Nosy Neighbour
27 I Love It
28 Give It To 'Em
29 Shake Down*
30 Baby I'm Back
31 Gangsta
32 Gringo
33 Never Took The Time [Explicit]
34 Sorry, Blame It On Me
35 You Don't Want It
36 Never Gonna Get It
37 I'm Sorry
38 Party Animal
39 I Tried
40 Tired Of Runnin'
41 Where Would We Go
42 Mama Africa
43 Easy Road
44 Over The Edge
45 Don't Matter [Explicit]
46 Rush
47 Clap Again
48 Show Out
49 She Wants Sex
50 Go Go Dancer
51 So Special
52 Shake Down [Explicit]
53 The Rain [Explicit]
54 Once In A While
55 I'll Still Kill
56 Ditch Ya Boyfriend
57 Freedom
58 Gunshot
59 I Can't Wait
60 Give It To 'Em (Single)
61 Lonely -21st
62 Fair To You
63 Life Of A Superstar
64 Dance It Off
65 Wake It Up
66 America's Most Wanted
67 Long Gone
68 Free To Be
69 She's So Fine
70 One In The Chamber
71 Give It To Em'*
72 Struggle Everyday
73 Mr Right Now
74 Konkrete Jungle (Intro)
75 Island
76 Gangsta Bop [Explicit]
77 Keep On Callin'
78 You Girl
79 Used To Know (Remix)
80 Change Comes
81 Big Dog
82 Still Alone
83 Do You Feel Me
84 Lifetheme
85 CaShin Out (Re-remix)
86 No More You
87 Dirty Work
88 When The Time's Right
89 Kill The Dance (Got Something For Ya)
90 What's Love
91 Saddest Day
92 We On
93 That Na Na
94 So High
95 Hold My Hand
96 Find Us (In The Back Of The Club)
97 Change Up
98 Come Back To Me
99 Samn Damn Time Remix
100 Stay Down
101 So Blue
102 Wanna Be Starting Something
103 Oh Africa
104 Yey
105 Sweetest Girl (Remix)
106 Bad As Hell
107 Aint Sayin Nothin
108 Senegal
109 Come Home With Me
110 No Labels
111 Could You Be The Reason
112 Salute 100 Ya'll
113 Do It
114 Time Or Money
115 Once Radio Remix
116 Dream Girl
117 Be More Careful
118 Still A Survivor
119 Blown Away
120 Just The Way You Are
121 Everywhere You Go
122 Call Da Police
123 Dreamer
124 Magnetic-Audio
125 I'm Losing It
126 Throw Dat
127 Searching For Love
128 Unless We Fuckin
129 Freestyle
130 Put It On Me
131 Journey
132 Make It In The City
133 Run Away
134 Trouble Nobody*
135 Saviour Tonite
136 Slow Motion
137 Locked Up (Remix)
138 Drippin — Splurge Gang
139 Look At Me Ft Obie Trice (Remix)
140 Get By
141 Don't Let Up
142 Wake Up Call (One More Time)
143 Oo La La
144 (Untitled Track)
145 Hurt Somebody (Single)

Akon Bio

Aliaune Thiam (born April 16, 1973), better known by his stage name Akon is a Wolof Senegalese-American hip hop and R&B singer-songwriter, rapper, and record producer. Akon rose to prominence in 2004 following the release of his single "Locked Up" from his debut album Trouble. His second album, Konvicted, earned him a Grammy Award nomination for the single "Smack That." He is the founder of Konvict Muzik and Kon Live Distribution. He is well known for singing hooks and has over 155 guest appearances and 23 Billboard Hot 100 songs to his credit. He is the first artist to ever accomplish the feat of holding both the number one and two spots simultaneously on the Billboard Hot 100 charts twice.

As the son of famed jazz musician Mor Thiam, Akon was raised in a musical setting and taught to play several instruments. At the age of 7, he moved to New Jersey. During Akon’s alleged time in jail, he began to understand his music abilities and developed an appreciation for his musical background. When he was released he immediately began recording his music and sending out demo tapes. Akon's unique blend of West African-style vocals and hip-hop lyricism eventually caught the ears of executives at Universal Records.

He is the son of the Senegalese percussionist Mor Thiam. He then spent split time between Senegal and America until he was 15, and then permanently moved to Jersey City, New Jersey. He recorded his first song, "Operations of Nature," at the age of fifteen. Akon began writing and recording tracks in his home studio. The tapes found their way to SRC/Universal, which released Akon's debut LP Trouble in June 2004. The album is a hybrid of Akon's silky, West African-styled vocals mixed with East Coast and Southern beats. Most of Akon's songs begin with the sound of the clank of a jail cell with him uttering the word "Convict.

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