Air Supply Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Air Supply Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Just As I Am
2 Two Less Lonely People in the World
3 Feel The Breeze
4 Dame Amor
5 That's How The Whole Thing Started
6 Unchained Melody
7 Never Fade Away
8 Time For Love
9 Secret Agent
10 Kiss Me Like You Mean It
11 Without You
12 It's Automatic
13 Lonely Is the Night
14 What A Life (parts 1 & 2)
15 I Remember Love
16 Power Of Love
17 O Come All Ye Faithful
18 I'm All Out Of Love
19 The One That You Love
20 Hold On Tight
21 I'm Alive
22 I Know You Better Than You Think
23 I Wanna Hold You Tonight
24 Here I Am
25 One More Chance
26 I'll Be Thinking Of You
27 Sweet Dream
28 Sweet Dreams
29 Don't Walk Away
30 It's Not Easy
31 Last Train To London
32 Now and Forever
33 Would You Ever Walk Away
34 Sunset
35 Lost In Love
36 I Can Wait Forever
37 My Best Friend
38 I Don't Want To Lose You
39 Book Of Love
40 It's Not Too Late
41 You Are The Reason
42 Chances
43 Making Love Out of Nothing at All
44 The Book Of Love
45 Stars In Your Eyes
46 It's Never Too Late
47 After All
48 I Want to Give It All
49 I Just Like The Feeling
50 Now and Forever (Studio)
51 We Are All Alone
52 The Little Drummer Boy
53 The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore
54 Total Eclipse Of The Heart
55 What A Life
56 Teach Me To Run
57 Evil Woman
58 Hope Springs Eternal
59 I Can't Let Go
60 When The Time Is Right
61 Come What May
62 The Answer Lies
63 All Out of Love
64 Bread And Blood
65 Do It Again
66 American Hearts
67 There's Nothing I Can Do
68 Yours Truly
69 Dancing With The Mountain
70 Even the Nights Are Better
71 Mother Said
72 Every Woman in the World
73 My Hearts With You
74 Having You Near Me
75 Strong Strong Wind
76 I'll Never Get Enough of You
77 All By Myself
78 Sandy
79 One Step Closer
80 The Christmas Song
81 Big Cat
82 The Earth Is
83 Love Is All
84 Goodnight
85 Two Less Lonely People
86 Strangers In Love
87 The Eyes Of A Child
88 Bring Out The Magic
89 Tonight
90 Believer
91 Give Me Love
92 Can't Fight This Feeling
93 Always
94 The Power Of Love
95 Goodbye
96 Someone Who Believes In You
97 Empty Pages
98 Can't Stop The Rain
99 What Kind of Girl
100 The Scene
101 Feel For Your Love
102 Mumbo Jumbo
103 Feel Like Screaming
104 Love Comes To Me
105 Young Love
106 Heart And Soul
107 Looking Out For Something Outside
108 Great Pioneer
109 Someone Who Believe In You
110 Heart Of The Rose
111 Setting The Seen
112 White Christmas
113 Tonite
114 I'll Find You
115 All That You Want
116 Where Did The Feeling Go?
117 More Than Natural
118 What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted?
119 Until
120 Winter Wonderland
121 Come to Me
122 Here Is The News
123 I'd Die For You
124 Why Don't You Come Over
125 Does It Matter
126 I Don't Believe You
127 Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore
128 Just Between The Lines
129 Why
130 Don't Be Afraid
131 I Want You
132 The End Of The Line
133 Daybreak
134 The Power of Love (You Are My Lady)
135 News From Nowhere
136 Making Love Out Of Nothing At
137 Don't Turn Me Away
138 You Belong to Me
139 Let's Stay Together Tonight
140 End Of The Line
141 Lost In Love (Australia)
142 Primitive Man
143 If You Love Me
144 Completamente Sin Amor
145 Don't Tell Me
146 My Heart's With You
147 Making Love Out Ot Nothing At All
148 Ready For You
149 A Little Bit More
150 Someone
151 Learning To Make Love To You
152 Love Conquers Time
153 Peaches And Cream
154 Evidence Of Love
155 Once
156 Late Again
157 Ain't it a shameHit with the bug to run,
158 Love And Other Bruises
159 A Little Bit Of Everything
160 Spirit Of Love
161 Just Died In Your Arms Tonight
162 She's Got The Answer
163 Keeping the Love Alive
164 Tell Me Of Spring
165 Faith
166 So Much Love
167 Livin' Thing
168 Only One Forever
169 Make It Right
170 Alternative Ending
171 I Can't Get Excited
172 I Come Alive (Date With An Angel)
173 Speaking Of Love
174 Would I Lie To You?
175 We The People
176 Put Love In Your Life
177 Miracles
178 Who Will Love Me Now
179 Can I Be Your Lover
180 She Never Heard Me Call
181 Chances Are
182 Stop the Tears
183 When I Say
184 Dance With Me
185 The Way I Feel
186 I've Got Your Love
187 Sanctuary
188 Stronger Than The Night
189 Faith In Love
190 I Can't Believe My Eyes
191 Taking the Chance
192 You'll Never Know
193 You're Only In Love
194 Ain't It A Shame
195 Hold On
196 Silent Night
197 Just Another Woman
198 Shadow of the Sun
199 Here I Am (Just When I Thought I Was Over You)
200 The Vanishing Race
201 Body Glove
202 Believe In The Supernatural
203 Black And Blue
204 Love & Other Bruises
205 I Won't Let It Get In The Way
206 Sleigh Ride
207 Love Is the Arrow
208 This Heart Belongs to Me
209 Hard to Forget Her
210 (Credits)
211 Lovesex
212 The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire)
213 We Are All Children
214 Do What You Do
215 Too Sentimental
216 The Weight Is My Soul
217 Me Like You
218 The First Noel
219 Old Habits Die Hard
220 A Place Where We Belong
221 Crazy Love
222 Heart & Soul

Air Supply Bio

Air Supply are a soft rock duo who had a succession of hits worldwide through the late 1970s and early 1980s. It consists of British guitarist and vocalist Graham Russell (born Graham Cyril Russell, 11 June 1950, Sherwood, Nottingham, England, UK) and Australian lead vocalist Russell Hitchcock (born Russell Charles Hitchcock, 15 June 1949, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia).

The two met in May 1975 while performing in the Australian production of the Andrew Lloyd Webber/Tim Rice musical, Jesus Christ Superstar. Later that year, the duo, along with Chrissie Hammond and two others, formed Air Supply as a five-man group. Hammond left the band and was replaced by Jeremy Paul in time for the group's first Australian hit single, "Love and Other Bruises." It was followed by an eponymous debut album that reached gold in Australia, which featured keyboardist/arranger Adrian Scott, drummer Jeff Browne, and guitarist Mark McEntee. Singles during this period included "Empty Pages" and "Do What You Do". The group was invited to open for Rod Stewart during his tour of Australia; he was so impressed with their performance that he invited them to be the opening act during his tour of the United States. During this tour, Jeremy Paul left the band. (He later played with the original lineup of the Divinyls, led by Chrissie Amphlett and Mark McEntee.)

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