Agnetha Faltskog Lyrics

Genre: Pop

Agnetha Faltskog Lyrics - by Popularity

1 If You Need Somebody Tonight
2 Glöm Honom
3 Ein Kleiner Mann In Einer Flasche
4 I Won't Let You Go
5 Concerto D'Amore
6 Zigenarvän
7 Jag Var Så Kär
8 We Got A Way
9 Fragezeichen Mag Ich Nicht
10 Doktorn!
11 The Queen Of Hearts
12 Bjällerklang
13 Back On Your Radio
14 Are You Gonna Throw It All Away
15 Man
16 Past, Present and Future
17 Kanske Var Min Kind Lite Het
18 I Keep Them on the Floor Beside My Bed
19 I Keep Them On The Floor Beside My Bed
20 I Wasn't The One (Who Said Goodbye)
21 Once Burned Twice Shy
22 I Stand Alone
23 Tio Mil Kvar Till Korpilombolo
24 The Heat is On (Super Dance Music Mix)
25 I Keep Turning Off Lights
26 The Way You Are
27 We Should Be Together
28 Mr. Persuasion
29 My Colouring Book
30 Mssens Julafton
31 Ya nunca mas
32 Fly Like the Eagle
33 Shame
34 If I Thought You'd Ever Change Your Mind
35 Var Det Med Dig?
36 A Fool Am I
37 Eyes Of A Woman
38 Love In A World Gone Mad
39 Stay
40 Let It Shine
41 The Day Before You Came
42 The End of the World
43 Señor Gonzales
44 Maybe It Was Magic
45 To Love
46 What Now My Love
47 Sealed With A Kiss
48 When You Walk In The Room - Orginal version
49 Click Track
50 Here For Your Love
51 Little White Secrets
52 Take Good Care Of Your Children
53 Golliwog
54 The Way You Are
55 I Should´ve Followed You Home
56 The Last Time
57 Jag Sag Mamma Kyssa Tomten
58 The One Who Loves You Now
59 I Should've Followed You Home
60 Fly Me To The Moon
61 When You Really Loved Someone
62 When You Walk in the Room (Orginal)
63 Never Again
64 Disillusion
65 Perfume in the Breeze
66 Dance Your Pain Away
67 When You Really Loved Someone
68 I Won't Be Leaving You
69 Wrap Your Arms Around Me
70 Das Fest Der Pompadour
71 My Love, My Life
72 I Was a Flower
73 The One Who Loves You Now
74 P & B
75 The Angels Cry
76 I Should’ve Followed You Home
77 Can't Shake Loose (Russ Ballard)
78 Perfume In The Breeze
79 Just One Heart
80 Fly Like An Eagle
81 When You Walk In The Room (Orginal)
82 Turn The World Around
83 Past Forever
84 Stand By My Side
85 I Was A Flower
86 One Way Love
87 It's So Nice To Be Rich
88 Sometimes When I'm Dreaming
89 You're There
90 Dance Your Pain Away
91 Love Me with All Your Heart
92 Past Forever
93 Save Me (Why Don't Ya)
94 I Wish Tonight Could Last Forever
95 I Can't Reach Your Heart
96 En Gang Fanns Bara Vi Tvay
97 Bubble
98 The Heat Is On
99 Bubble
100 We Move As One
101 Remember Me
102 En Sang Och En Saga
103 Back on Your Radio
104 Can't Shake Loose