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Genre: Rock

Agent Orange Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Electric Storm
2 Broken Dreams
3 I Kill Spies [live]
4 Cry For Help In A World Gone Mad
5 Secret Agent Man
6 This Is All I Need
7 Bite The Hand That Feeds Pt. 1 [live]
8 Seek And Destroy
9 Bite the Hand That Feeds
10 Make Up Your Mind And Do What You Want To Do
11 No Such Thing [live]
12 Voices (in The Night)
13 Somebody to Love
14 Everything Turns to Grey
15 Say It Isn't True
16 In Your Dreams Tonight
17 Shakin' All Over
18 Let It Burn
19 The Last Goodbye
20 It's In Your Head
21 Bite the Hand That Feeds, Part 1
22 So Close And Yet So Far
23 Just Can't Seem To Get Enough
24 Fire In The Rain
25 Wouldn't Last A Day
26 This Is Not the End
27 Truth Should Never Be Concealed
28 ...so Strange
29 Seek & Destroy
30 Speed Kills
31 You Belong To Me
32 Bite The Hand That Feeds Pt. 1
33 Blood Stains
34 Bite the Hand That Feeds, Pt. 2
35 Everything Turns Grey
36 I Kill Spies
37 Bloodstains
38 Seek and Destroy (Cover Version)
39 Bloodstains - Darkness Version
40 No Such Thing
41 Shaking All Over
42 Bloodstains (Original Version)
43 A Cry for Help in a World Gone Mad
44 Bloodstains (2nd version)
45 Fire In The Rain [live]
46 Living in Darkness
47 America
48 Everything Turns Grey [live]
49 Breakdown
50 Bored of You
51 Tearing Me Apart
52 Say It Isn’t True
53 On a Plain
54 Too Young To Die
55 Wouldn’t Last A Day
56 Bite the Hand That Feeds, Part 2
57 Unsafe At Any Speed
58 It's In Your Head [live]
59 El Dorado
60 It's Up to Me and You
61 Police Truck

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Agent Orange Bio

Agent Orange is an American punk band formed in Orange County, California in 1979. The band is one of the first to mix punk rock with surf music. They first gained attention with their song "Bloodstains" which they released on their own 7" E.P. An early demo of the song was presented to Pasadena radio station KROQ-FM's D.J. Rodney Bingenheimer, which soon became one of his show's biggest hits.

Besides having Mike Palm and Scott Miller as original members, Steve Soto was the power trio’s first bass player, the one who played on the first "Bloodstains". The Living in Darkness Version of this song later appeared on Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4. Soto later left the band to form The Adolescents. With new member James Levesque on bass, the group found their way to the famous Living In Darkness sessions at Brian Elliot recording studio (Elliot is best known for having composed Madonna’s hit "Papa Don’t Preach"). The result of these sessions was their first long player, Living In Darkness (originally released by Posh Boy Records in November 1981).