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Genre: Pop

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1 If I Had You
2 For Your Entertainment
3 Fever
4 Sure Fire Winners
5 Soaked
6 Pick U Up
7 Sleepwalker
8 Music Again
9 Mad World
10 Did You Need It
11 Aftermath
12 Broken Open
13 Whataya Want From Me
14 Strut
15 Time For Miracles
16 Climb
17 Down The Rabbit Hole
18 December
19 Fields
20 Master Plan
21 The Tracks Of My Tears (American Idol Studio Version)
22 First Light
23 More Than
24 Castleman
25 If I Had You (Jason Nevins Robotronic Extended Mix)
26 Underneath
27 Play That Funky Music (American Idol Studio Version)
28 Music Again (Live)
29 Shady
30 Sure Fire Winners (Glam Nation Live)
31 Another Lonely Night - Pop Mix
32 Better Than I Know Myself
33 These Boys (Bonus Track)
34 Trespassing (vAnity mAchine Remix)
35 Ring of Fire
36 If I Cant Have You
37 If I Had You (Dangerous Muse Remix)
38 Chokehold
39 One (American Idol Performance)
40 If I Had You (Live)
41 Cukoo
42 Aftermath (Glam Nation Live)
43 Ghost Town - Live from Spotify NYC
44 Pop That Lock (Johnny Labs Extended Mix)
45 Oh My Ra
46 Whataya Want From Me (Fonzarelli's Electro House radio mix)
47 Feeling Good
48 If I Had You (Morgan Page Extended Mix)
49 Outlaws of Love
50 If I Can't Have You (American Idol Studio Version)
51 Turning On (Greg Churchill Remix)
52 Cryin'
53 Fever (Live)
54 The Most Surprising Thing - Live from Spotify NYC
55 Trespassing (Zak Waters Radio Remix)
56 There I Said It
57 Whataya Want From Me (Fonzerelli's Electro House club mix)
58 Better Than I Know Myself (Alex Ghenea Remix)
59 Is Anybody Listening? (From "The Ten Commandments") [Live]
60 Take Back
61 Born To Be Wild (American Idol Studio Version)
62 Down the Rabbit Hole (Live)
63 Detroit Rock City
64 20th Century Boy (Glam Nation Live)
65 The Original High - Live from Spotify NYC
66 Trespassing (Radio Edit)
67 Things I Didn't Say
68 Whataya Want From Me (Fonzerelli's Electro House dub mix)
69 Never Close Your Eyes
70 Runnin’
71 Nirvana
72 Ring Of Fire (American Idol Studio Version)
73 Ring of Fire (Live)
74 We Are The Champions
75 Aftermath (Billboard Remix)
76 Another Lonely Night - Live from Spotify NYC
77 Beg For Mercy
78 The Light
79 Did You Need It (remix)
80 Trespassing (Benny Benassi Remix)
81 Never Close Our Eyes (Almighty remix club)
82 Better Than I Know Myself (Dave Audé Dubstep Remix)
83 A Change Is Gonna Come (American Idol Studio Version)
84 Ring of Fire (Glam Nation Live)
85 Rumors
86 For Your Entertainment (Fonzerelli's Piano Club Mix)
87 Want - Bonus Track
88 Rough Trade
89 Heavy Fire
90 Fields (remix)
91 Never Close Our Eyes (Mig & Rizzo Radio Edit)
92 By the Rules
93 Never Close Our Eyes (R3hab Old School Bounce remix)
94 Whataya Want from Me (Live)
95 Voodoo
96 Fever (Glam Nation Live)
97 Lucy
98 Soaked (Glam Nation Live)
99 Spotlight - Bonus Track
100 The Circle
101 Ghost Town
102 A Loaded Smile
103 If I Had You (Morgan Page Extended Remix)
104 Map
105 Wonderful
106 Trespassing (Benny Benassi club remix)
107 Soaked (Live)
108 Can't Let You Go
109 Never Close Our Eyes (Sunship Radio Mix)
110 After Hours
111 Never Close Our Eyes (Almighty Radio Mix)
112 Ghost Town (Unlike Pluto Remix)
113 Turning On
114 The Original High
115 Music Again (Live at Hit Radio FFH)
116 Want
117 Aftermath (Live)
118 No Boundaries
119 Beg For Mercy (Ashtrobot Remix)
120 Shame
121 Never Close Our Eyes (Digital Dog Radio Mix)
122 Love Wins Over Glamour
123 Just the Way It Is
124 Another Lonely Night
125 Aftermath (Live at Glam Nation)
126 Soaked (Live at Glam Nation)
127 Never Close Our Eyes
128 Hour Glass
129 Sure Fire Winners (Live)
130 Kiss And Tell
131 Beg For Mercy (DJ Drifta Remix)
132 Sleepwalker (Live)
133 Sleepwalker (Glam Nation Live)
134 Ghost Town (Tritonal Remix)
135 Sacrifice
136 Underground
137 Whataya Want from Me (Live At ENERGY Berlin 103.4)
138 Cuckoo
139 Light Falls Away
140 Strut (Live)
141 Mad World [Live]
142 Down the Rabbit Hole (Glam Nation Live)
143 Welcome to the Show (feat. Laleh)
144 Whataya Want From Me (Glam Nation Live)
145 Ghost Town (Dave Winnel Remix)
146 Pop Goes the Camera
147 Evil In The Night
148 Mad World - Live at Glam Nation
149 Kickin’ In
150 Want (December Remix)
151 20th Century Boy (Live)
152 Black Or White (American Idol Studio Version)
153 Voodoo (Glam Nation Live)
154 The Original High (Marcus Santoro Remix Edit)
155 For Your Entertainment (Bimbo Jones Vocal Remix)
156 Ghost Town (Blood Diamonds Remix)
157 MP3's Killed the Record Companies
158 These Boys
159 Mad World (American Idol Performance)
160 Trespassing
161 Whataya Want from Me (Live At EMERGY Berlin 103.4)
162 Enter Sandman
163 If I Had You (Jason Nevins Robotronic Radio Mix)
164 Hold On
165 Meet My Band (Glam Nation Live)
166 Ghost Town (Steven Redant Remix)
167 Crawl Through the Fire
168 Wathaya You Want From Me
169 Tracks of My Tears (American Idol Performance)
170 Naked Love
171 Mad World (American Idol Studio Version)
172 Better Than I Know Myself (Japan Instrumental)
173 Beg For Mercy (Single)
174 If I Had You (Morgan Page Radio Remix)
175 Another Lonely Night (Oliver Moldan Remix)
176 If I Had You (Glam Nation Live)
177 Ghost Town (KREAM Remix)
178 Run Away
179 On With the Show - Bonus Track
180 If I Had You (Radio Mix)
181 Pop That Lock
182 Whataya Want from Me (Brad Walsh's A-Morir Mix)
183 Crawl Thru the Fire
184 Voodoo (Live)
185 Another Lonely Night (Gorex Remix)
186 Never Close Our Eyes (R3hab Remix)
187 After Hours (Bonus Track)
188 Strut (Glam Nation Live)
189 Wataya Want From Me
190 One
191 If I Had You (Jason Nevins Extended Mix)
192 Broken English
193 One (American Idol Studio Version)
194 Whataya Want from Me (Jason Nevins Rhythmic Radio Edit)
195 Better Than I Know Myself (Single)
196 Whataya Want Ffom Me
197 Another Lonely Night (M-22 Remix)
198 Better Than I Know Myself (Robert Marvin & Shearer Remix)
199 Shame (Bonus Track)
200 Music Again (Glam Nation Live)
201 20th Century Boy
202 The Tracks of My Tears

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Adam Lambert Bio

Adam Mitchel Lambert (born January 29, 1982) is an American singer and actor residing in Los Angeles, California. In May 2009 he finished as the runner-up on the eighth season of American Idol.

Lambert was born in Indianapolis, Indiana and lived there for a year before moving out West to California. He grew up in Rancho Peñasquitos, San Diego, California and attended Deer Canyon Elementary School, Mesa Verde Middle School, and Mt. Carmel High School, where he was in theater, choir, and frequently performed with the school's jazz band.

Lambert is Jewish and has performed in Hebrew at Jewish events, singing songs such as "Shir LaShalom".

Lambert has been a stage actor since he was about ten years old; he was cast as Linus in San Diego's Lyceum Theater's production of You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown. He also played a part in The Ten Commandments: The Musical at the Kodak Theatre alongside Val Kilmer. He was the understudy for the part of Fiyero in the touring and Los Angeles casts of the musical Wicked. Since 2004, he has regularly performed at the Zodiac Show, which was co-created by Carmit Bachar of the Pussycat Dolls. He also performed at the Upright Cabaret.

Lambert has cited several musical influences, e.g. Queen, David Bowie, Michael Jackson, Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adam_lambert