Abigor Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Abigor Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Emptiness
2 Revealed Secrets Of The Whispering Moon
3 Dimensions Of Thy Unforgiven Sins (Part II)
4 Exhausted Remnants
5 Hyperwelt
6 Misanthrope
7 Spektrale Schattenlichter
8 Crionics
9 Temptation I – Ego
10 Mirages for the Eyes of the Blind
11 Utopia Consumed
12 The Legacy
13 The Redeemer's Return
14 Temptation II – Stasis
15 A Breath from Worlds Beyond
16 Equilibrium Pass By
17 Terrible Certainity
18 Repulsor
19 Temptation III – Akrasia
20 Satan`s Galaxy
21 Dawn of Human Dust
22 Unleashed Axe-Age
23 Galaxies and Eons Decline
24 Menschenfeind
25 Temptation IV – Indulgence
26 The Redeemer`s Return
27 Pandemonic Revelation
28 Scars in the Landscape of God
29 The Elder God (My Dragon Magic)
30 Temptation V – Neglect
31 Terrible Certainty
32 Universe of Black Divine
33 I Face the Eternal Winter
34 Neglect
35 Reborn Through The Gates Of Three Moons
36 Temptation VI – Compos Mentis
37 Repulsor (Pulsar 2003 FX)
38 Lair of Infinite Desperation
39 A Frozen Soul in a Wintershadow
40 Ego
41 Temptation VII – Excessus
42 The Prophecy
43 3D Blasphemy
44 The Dark Kiss
45 Compos mentis
46 Akrasia
47 Diabolic Unity
48 The Rising of Our Tribe
49 The Fire Syndrome
50 Magic Glass Monument
51 Weeping Midwintertears
52 Excessus
53 Tu Es Diaboli Juna
54 My Soft Vision in Blood
55 Battlefield Orphans
56 Liberty Rises a Diagonal Flame
57 Satan's Galaxy
58 Celestial
59 Demon's Vortex
60 Ubique Daemon
61 Wildfire and Desire
62 Severance
63 Vapourized Tears
64 Verwüstung
65 Crimson Horizons And Ashen Stars
66 Demons Vortex
67 Universe Of Back Divine
68 Part II
69 As Astral Images Darken Reality
70 Heaven Unveiled
71 Crimson Horizons
72 Dimensions Of Thy Unforgiven Sins (Part I)
73 Pandoras Miasmic Breath
74 Untamed Devastation
75 Satan In Me
76 Towards Beyond
77 Project: Shadow
78 Shadowlord
79 Dornen
80 Pandora's Miasmic Breath
81 Verwistung
82 Supreme Immortal Art
83 Nocturnal Stardust
84 Cold Void Choir
85 Eye to Eye at Armageddon
86 Kingdom of Darkness
87 Eerie Constellation
88 The Spirit of Venus
89 Part I
90 Soil of Souls
91 Battlestar Abigor
92 Warning
93 Dimensions of Thy Unforgiven Sins, Part 2
94 Beneath a Steel Sky
95 Eclipse My Heart, Crown Me King
96 My Last Journey
97 Blood and Soil
98 Luminescence of Darkness
99 Injection Satan
100 The Elder God
101 Ein Hauch Von K¤lte
102 Kingdom of Darkness (Alternate Version)
103 A Spell of Dark and Evil
104 Crimson Horizons and Ashen Skies
105 Verwustung
106 In Sin

Abigor Bio

Abigor is an Austrian black metal band formed in 1993.

The band was formed in 1993 by Peter Kubik and Thomas Tannenberger. After the release of several demos, original vocalist Tharen left the band and was replaced by Silenius, who recorded vocals for all Abigor releases until the recording of Channeling the Quintessence of Satan during which he opted to leave the band. Thurisaz, who had been in the thrash metal band Lost Victim together with Tannenberger in the 1980s, joined the band and finished recordings on Channeling the Quintessence of Satan. In late 1999, Tannenberger left the band for various reasons (ranging from personal problems to being fed up with what once was the "scene"). After his departure, Abigor released two more albums before breaking up in 2003.

In April 2006, Kubik and Tannenberger decided to join forces again. During the following year, Fractal Possession was released. The band is scheduled to release a split EP in 2008 with French black metal group Blacklodge. In connection with this release Abigor is cooperating with Norwegian experimental artist Zweizz.

Early works by Abigor were loosely inspired by J. R. R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings. The album cover on Orkblut - The Retaliation is a collage of 2 paintings originally made by Lord of the Rings fantasy artist Ian Miller.

The album cover on Channeling the Quintessence of Satan was originally by the German printmaker/artist Albrecht Dürer. (The Knight, Death and the Devil, 1514)

Most Abigor releases were released by Napalm Records.

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