A1 Lyrics

Genre: Pop

A1 Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Learn To Fly
2 One Last Song
3 Hey You
4 Celebrate Our Love
5 Miracle
6 I'll Take The Tear
7 Forever In Love
8 I Still Believe
9 Ready Or Not
10 I Got Sunshine
11 In Love And I Hate It (Single)
12 Cherish This Love
13 Walking In The Rain
14 If I Can't Have You
15 Waiting For Daylight
16 Livin' The Dream
17 The Things We Never Did
18 Heaven By Your Side
19 I Wonder Why
20 Bad Enough
21 Summertime Of Our Lives
22 2:59
23 Caught In The Middle
24 Same Old Brand New You
25 Take On Me
26 You're Not In Love
27 Do You Remember
28 Take You Home
29 Finnegan's Wake
30 Crazy For Leaving You
31 Here Comes The Rain
32 Juliet
33 Fixing A Broken Heart
34 Too Bad Baby
35 Let It Out
36 Power Of Desire
37 Unlike A Rose
38 If You Were My Girl
39 Crazy
40 Nothing In Common
41 Stones
42 If Only
43 Three Times A Lady
44 Six Feet Under
45 Grateful
46 Everybody Needs Somebody
47 In Love And I Hate It
48 Good Things, Bad People
49 Do I Need A Reason
50 Like A Rose
51 This Ain't What Love Is About
52 Perfect Disaster
53 Help!
54 Out There
55 Still Around
56 When I'm Missing You
57 I'll Take The Tears
58 Nothing But Trouble
59 High And Dry
60 Make It Through The Night
61 Living The Dream
62 One In Love
63 Trust Me
64 One More Try
65 Christopher Columbus
66 Isn't It Cheap
67 Don't Wanna Loose You Again
68 Riot
69 Scared
70 Don't Wanna Loose You Again (Single)
71 That Somebody is Me
72 Lovesick
73 Be The First To Believe
74 Make It Good
75 Tomorrow
76 Get Off
77 Fallen From Grace
78 Everytime
79 No More
80 The Life That Could Have Been
81 Stronger
82 Still Be Mine
83 Starlights
84 Shit No More
85 Blackout
86 She Doesn't See Me
87 Beatles Medley
88 It Happens Everyday
89 Just 3 Words

A1 Bio

A1 is a British/Norwegian boy band who were originally made up of Mark Read, Paul Marazzi, Ben Adams and Christian Ingebrigtsen (from Norway). Their first single, "Be the First to Believe", entered the UK singles chart at number six in early 1999. They had relative success in the charts with 2 number 1's and numerous top 10 hits. Adding to this they also won a BRIT Award for "British Breakthrough Act" in 2001. They were formed by band manager Tim Byrne, who also formed Steps. A1's journey came to an end when original member Paul Marazzi left in 2002 and the band subsequently decided to split.

In 2001 the band toured Asia, where they were well-received. The music video for their single "No More" was filmed in Singapore. During the Indonesian leg of their tour in the Taman Anggrek Mall, four teenage girls were killed in a stampede.

Their third album, Make It Good, featured a sound closer to traditional rock music, but was to be their last studio project.

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