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Genre: Rock

999 Bio

999 are an English rock band who formed in London in 1977. They are often cited as one of the first punk rock bands.

Between 1978 and 1981, they had five Top 75 singles in the UK Singles Chart but only one made it to the Top 40. Also, after extensive touring across the Atlantic, the band's third and fourth (proper) studio albums charted in the U.S. Despite breaking up a couple of times, they continue to record and play live to the present-day.

Named after Britain’s emergency telephone number, 999 was founded in London by singer/guitarist Nick Cash and Guy Days. Cash and Days met each other when the former was a member of pub-rockers Kilburn and the High-Roads and the latter was a session guitarist who played on some of the band’s demo tapes. In late 1976, they placed an advertisement in the Melody Maker for band members and ended up turning down Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders fame, Jon Moss of Culture Club fame, and Tony James of Generation X fame. Jon Watson (bass) and Pablo LaBritain (drums) were recruited, Pablo having briefly played with the Clash and the band that eventually became known as 999 performed their first gig was at the Northampton Cricket Club in January 1977. After experimenting with several different band names, 999 finally came into being in May 1977.

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