8 Stops 7 Song Lyrics

Genre: Rock

8 Stops 7 Bio

8stops7 is a hard rock band from Ventura, California. Vocalist Evan Sula-Goff explained the meaning of the band's name as, "Basically, seven is a symbol of something you want to get away from, and eight is the door you go through to get there.

Signed to Warner Bros. Records/Reprise Records under the Warner Music Group umbrella in 1999 and toured nationally throughout the early 2000s. Their first major label release, In Moderation, released in 1999 sold more than 150,000 copies, enjoyed widespread national radio airplay, and scored two hits on the Billboard  top 40. These included "Question Everything", 2000, and "Satisfied", 2000. They also had two of their songs, "Satisfied", and "My Would-be Savior" featured in the Sony PlayStation game, Street Sk8er 2 soundtrack and "Satisfied" featured in the Sony PlayStation 2 game, Gran Turismo 3 soundtrack. The video for "Satisfied" was featured on the MTV show 120 Minutes. "Question Everything" was featured on the Friends Again Soundtrack CD with music featured from the Friends NBC sitcom. Also, Apple placed the music video for "Question Everything" in low resolution in the CD Extras/QuickTime Samples/Video folder on the Mac OS 9.1 CD, and later inlcluded a high-quality mp3 copy of the song to demo the new digital speakers included with the PowerMac G4 Cube.

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